most depressing song ever

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  • FlyingHighNow
  • FlyingHighNow

    My brother showed me White Bird and Lather at the same time. Then I thought they were both Jefferson Airplane.

  • FlyingHighNow
  • sizemik
  • sizemik

    How depressing

  • jwfacts

    George - I loved the Cure when I was growing up and I know there were a lot of JW cure fans in Australia. The elders hated it, with Robert Smith wearing makeup and being "androgenous".

    Here is the clip for She's lost Control by Joy Division. I can't find one with the sound of breaking glass, which was the freakiest part of the song that I had on Vinyl.

  • Magwitch

    This is a new song, however I saw Christina Perry perform it live 2 weeks ago in Denver. It was a very haunting and depressing song.

  • freeflyingfaerie

    Here are the English lyrics for Mon amie la rose~

    A lifetime comes and goes

    and as my friend, the rose

    said only yesterday

    this morning I was born

    and baptized in the dawn

    a flower in the dew

    and life was fresh and new

    the sun shone through the cold

    and through the day I grew a lifetime

    I was old

    at least there's never been

    no, you have never seen

    a rose more bright and gay

    A lifetime comes and goes

    and as my friend the rose

    said only yesterday

    the good lord smiled on me

    so why, then should it be

    I feel I'm falling now

    oh yes, I'm falling now

    my heart, no one can save

    my head begins to bow

    my feet are in the grave

    the rose god smiled upon

    tommorrow will be gone

    forever gone away..

    A lifetime comes and goes

    and so my friend the rose

    was dead at break of day

    the moon is shining bright

    and in my dreams tonight

    amidst a starlit sky

    my friend the rose goes by

    yes, in my dreams I see

    a soul that wouldn't die

    still watching over me

    whatever fortune brings

    I'll hope for better things

    our life would be just grande

    A lifetime comes and goes

    that's what my friend the rose

    said only yesterday..

  • Violia

    This is Johnny Cash, fairly young and Joni Mitchell, very young. Great song.

  • Violia

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