Anyone understand the Federal Reserve System?

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    The books dealing with the Federal Reserve I recommend are Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin and the novel "Captains and the Kings", which deals with international financiers by Taylor Caldwell. Caldwell's novel begins in 1860s and ends in 1913 and she reveals quite a bit of information through her novel of that time period before the institution of The Federal Reserve system. The book begins with a chilling forward reading it about 40 years after it was first published and it ends with a bibilography of reference books at the end of the novel.


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    Band on the Run

    Another idea came to me about Fed info. We can read the actual law in the U.S. Code. It is available online through Thomas, the Library of Congress search engine.

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    Anyone ever heard of the film "Money As Debt"? It's very interesting... and enlightening. It makes you question the money system worldwide. It might even infuriate you...

    Money as Debt from RoneTyne on Vimeo.


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    Band on the Run

    I saw Charlie Rose the other night. His guest was this man named Khan who set up a website teaching math and science skills for students. I just tried. He has a superb one on reserve or central banks. It is the easiest explanation I have ever heard. He uses simple diagrams. Believe it or not, it was fun. I think the video takes five to ten minutes.

    He doesn't mention the merits of the reserve system. There is something in his manner that is not intimidating. He has a few financial and history programs but most is math and science. Hopefully, he will tackle the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in the future.

    I'm going back for more programs. My high school has horrid math teachers. Maybe I can do math over. The web site is Khan Academy. Sorry, need to learn to do links.

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    1912 cartoon. Prophet.

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