Would you/could you look at the pics of dead Osama Bin Laden?

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  • jaguarbass

    I'd look I've been in the morgue and watched 3 autopsies in person then gone out to eat spaggetti.

    One autopsie they took a good looking female who died from a cocaine overdose cut her down the middle.

    They take bolt cutters and cut the ribs and then the bodie looks lie it has wings, like a butter fly,

    because they open the chest. The morgue looks like a bunch of human butterflies on gurneys.

    Then they scoop out all the guts and organs and put them in zip lock baggies and label them.

    Then they take an exacto knife and scalp the person, then they take a dremel saw and cut a hole in the top of

    the head and scoop the brains out and bag em.

    Then the put the scalp bone back in and put the hair back on.

    Everyone in Florida gets an autopsy unless they die under a doctors care.

    So, at many funerals in florida the people dont have any brains, guts or internal organs in their caskets.

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