anyone have any experience with ouija boards??

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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    This link shows proof of idiomotor effect.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My rational mind does not believe in demons. Yet I am terrified of demons. My concern is that with the board but my psyche. The Exorcist sent many people to the ER. Public health officials never credited the demons for the trouble. As Dr. Drew said the other night, childhood traumas influence you inordinately for the rest of your life. The same trauma as an adult can be managed.

    I must admit that I used to race to the TV set to change the channel when spooky music, dracula, frankentstein. et al. were broadcast. The culture of people loving to be terrified is beyond my comprehension. As the years pass, I've tried watching these shows or listening to spook music. Whever I succeed, I am so proud of myself.

    The board is manufactured. I used to know the location. The site has never been shut down and the ghostbusters called in to deal with the problem. The magic of ouija boards comes from humans. I will never fool around with one. In fact, some friends have told me they tried it and I wanted to flee even though I knew them to be good, decent people. It would be nice to just have some fun rather than live with terror.

    If hynotherapy could erase JW programming, I certainly would sign up.

  • TD

    Overly sarcastic, but pretty much sums it up for me

  • PSacramento

    If one doesn't believe in "sprituality" what is the point?

    If one DOES, why play with things that can come to bite you in the ass?

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    We own a Ouija board and it sits quietly in our game closet where it belongs - right alongside Monopoly, Risk, Clue, Scrabble, and Candyland . My bro-in-law bought it for us this past Xmas. It's a novelty/gag gift for those of us who realize it's nonsense.

    On the other hand, we are absolutely terrified of the spirits that live inside some mountains - you know, the ones that spew fire and smoke? How do you explain that?

  • finallyfree!

    here's the thing with the spiritual realm as they say...i've never seen god, angels, demons or the devil. nor have i ever seen the effects of the above mentioned entities.

    satan if he exists i dont think is that bad a dude. lol! im just really curious to see what all the hype is about.

    if i have a supernatural experience i'll post another thread.

  • thetrueone

    There is a reason why you find these novelty items in children toy stores.

    The basic short of it is that the people who have placed the fingers on the planchette

    are the ones who are moving it to provide the answers to the posed questions.

    Blindfold the participants or turn off the lights when making a move and you'll see nothing but gibberish.

    Of course children see the planchette move to spell or answer the question and they get exited and emotionally involved.

    By the way if you do play with the Ouija board, get stoned or drunk this will heighten the emotional response toward

    the players. There is no such thing as spirits or ghosts, they are all imaginative emotional responses created by sub-conscious imagery.

  • sinis

    I've never used one, though I have used other methods and they were tangible. It was a surreal experience - went in wth an open clear mind, and came out of the session believing in something else being out there, perhaps on a different plane or dimension.

    Why does everyone assume that contacting the other side is evil or "demonic"? The ancients believed that the other side could help you. It was ONLY until Christanity came around did it become forbidden!!!!!!!! Think about it for a second... why does YHWH NOT want people to practice or delve into the spirit world? What information can be gained that all loving (puke) YHWH does not want you to know... keep living in fear - as for me and my household ANYTHING is game...

  • jam

    Three blood sisters, plus size, 250lbs and above. After learning

    the truth and the danger of the ouija board, attempt to

    destroy it. They each took turns by jumping on the board ,

    didn,t work. They could not break the board. They put it

    in the trash so it could be taken away, the trash was

    taken away but not the board. I knew the sisters and they

    swear it was true. Personally I do not beleive in the ouiji

    boards, entertainment only.

  • thetrueone

    What information can be gained that all loving (puke) YAHWEH does not want you to know.

    Religionists use this tactic of fear to cull followers for themselves. To protect yourself from evil spirits such as Satan the Devil,

    you have to join their organization and do as they tell you or otherwise he'll invaded your body and make you do terrible things

    to yourself and others. If you take analytical evaluative look at the history of Yahweh of the ancient Judeans you'll see he was

    quite the evilest of spirits or gods, something that gets quite the pass over from fully indoctrinated JWS.

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