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    Jesus curtains

    i am glad you made some edit coz i was typing some shit i didnt want to say! Seriously, that hurt.

    Please realize that what we all have here is mere opinions and we should all be able to voice different theories and thoughts on current world events without fearing that we will be labelled. This planet is in a constant state of upheaval and if we all just accept what we are told by government we may as well all go back to the Watchtower world where all we had to do was nod our heads and think we were unified.

    I for one have had enough of being labelled and put in a box.


  • Curtains

    aussie don't take it personally. I've read terra incognito's post and he/she is in the main critiquing contrarianism as psychopathic and psychotic. Teapartyers and rightwing nuts take contrairanism to extremes as does the WTS (lots they have in common).

    re editing my post: I have a habit of constructing my posts in stages and sometimes use about 5 miniutes to make my points

  • andrekish

    The death of Osama Bin Laden does not improve anything.

    There are no less guns and no fewer missiles. Just groups of people everywhere who want to rip each others' guts out. While destitute people sleep on the streets of Pakistan the United States and European cash pays millions for military attacks by the US and NATO on those they hate. Meanwhile civilians are littered all across the earth in bloody heaps. And while destitute people sleep on the streets and in the parks of the US their government gloats about how clever and powerful it only took the strongest military power on the planet ten years to find Bin Laden right under their noses. And the moment they say they have found him what happens? Blood and more blood. Men women and children attacked with helicopters and massive gunfire.

    So where are the real terrorists? It won't take ten years to find them. They reside in positions of power in Washington, in Downing Street London, in Al-Queda and in France and all across Europe in ALL of their governments. It exists in the halls of the Vatican where silence reigns again and gold drips from every archbishop's fingers and the pope is carried on an obscene golden throne paid for by the Vatican hoards of cash.

    These are the real terrorists who claim to protect civilians yet blast their way through every home and housing estate that gets in their way. No care for those kids and families who suffer the 'collateral damage' or murder by military. Not one jot of concern for anyone or anything other than their monetary policies and how to make sure they can keep robbing everyone whilst highlighting the villainy of their enemies.

    Whilst the death of Osama Bin Laden may go some way to satisfy the bloodlust dripping from the US media it solves nothing else but to re-inforce the old saying: ' Violence leads to more violence,'

    How many of us will allow the death of Bin Laden to be an end to things? I think very few. How many of us seem to want only more blood? If the globally controlled media is to be believed ALL of us. So lets wait for the next waves of violence as the pentagon acts upon the data it got from Bin Laden's compound and demonstrates to the world what big explosions it can make.

    None of the reasons for Bin Ladens murderous attacks on the United States have been addressed, resolved or even noticed by the militaries of the world....and now NATO is getting its claws into the oilfields of Libya, (has anyone noticed that Libya isn't in the North Atlantic or Europe nor does it pose a threat to either). NATO is a military machine set up to protect Europe against the USSR not play kingmaker in Africa. But the west now has Gaddafi's gold in its hands and can now give the rebels military aid and advice in recompense. Not one penny of Gaddafi's stolen hoards will beneift the ordinary people of Libya. It will line the pockets of the western bankers instead. And the bloodshed continues.

    The death of Osama Bin Laden changes nothing but simply gives the United States reasons to gloat. Whatever happened to American pride in its ideals? Blown away with the twin towers along with all the tens of thousands killed by military interventions as western forces continued their attempted economic global takeover.

    And so today all our strings are being pulled and manipulated by words and thoughts of blood.

    Just as the Bible says.

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