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  • BizzyBee

    How does this square with your thread, "Waterboarding led to Osama"?

    Make up your mind!

  • Satanus

    I don't feel no anger, sorry to dissapoint you, dear necky one. I just feel a smirk coming on, cuz that was ALMOST funny. Keep trying, and i will probably get a laugh going:) I love a good larf.


  • thetrueone

    So your suggesting that the Osama attack was deliberately being held on hold purposefuly and hopefully to coincide with the 2012 election in the States.

    But Wikileaks destroyed this possible situation and therefore Obama had to take action.

    Another conspiracy.

    Say Neckbeard are you Donald Trump ?

    Or are you just a wacko loony that just got tossed out by the WTS/JWS for being a wacko loony ?

  • journey-on

    NeckBeard, while the usual suspects try to belittle you, all I have to say is keep thinking, keep asking questions, keep connecting the dots, and don't be afraid to do so. You do not sound wacky to me. Your questions are reasonable. I, personally, at this time, till proven otherwise, tend to think things happened pretty much like what has been reported.

    #1 We could not capture OBL and bring him in for trial. Sensitive and classified information would most likely be at risk. He had already been weighed in the balances, and found wanting. Execution was the only way, imo.

    #2 If it was a prison, why did he have family there?

    #3 If anything, I would have to say that there were some very high-up Pakistani government/military people protecting him. Thus the secure environment. Our guys knew it and over time, were able to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. The mission took planning and secrecy. We got him....'nuff said.

  • NeckBeard

    I also suggested that BUSH did the same thing, thetrueone.

    But that gets no notice from you, does it?

    Other sheeple will be pissed by involving BUSH, biut will have no problem with OBAMA.

    You seem to think BUSH is capable of these kinds of things, but OBAMA is not.

    See, you are thinking like a shperson.

    There is no difference.

  • Finally-Free

    Personally I think the government is too stupid to pull something like that off, or even dream it up in the first place. You should go to them and apply for a job.


  • Satanus

    Pakistan has been playing all sides, since the beginning, 9/11. Pakistan should have been invaded, instead of iraq, afghanistan, libya, iran, etc. Mussherif is a master liar, manipulator, illusionist, masterbastard. Give obama credit for doing the impossible, extracting a tumer from the center of a brain while leaving the patient fully conscious and fully alive.


  • Satanus

    Provided, of course, that it really was osama.


  • thetrueone

    This thread reminds me why certain people in society end up being JWS .

    Of course there is the speculative question how did he and his family live there so long without being noticed by the Pakistan

    authorities. Most likely over time more information will come forward.

    Must remember that no one knew who his wife was and there may have been other people there that were also not

    on the list to look out for. It would be easy to see how this hiding under the radar could have happened if he stayed mostly at the compound.

    As far as the US knowing and just waiting for the best possible time to go in and get him, is very highly unlikely.

    Did you get enough attention for yourself now NeckBeard ?

  • sooner7nc

    No he can't prove this. Of course none of you (BizzyBee, Terra, etc.) can prove anything you say about this subject either. So, I guess this kinda makes you bosom buddys. HAHAHAHAHA

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