For Those Who Went: How "Special" Was Sunday's "Special Talk?"

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Comments anyone?

  • Alfred

    Thanks 215, I was about to ask the same question...

  • EmptyInside

    It was just like any other talk about Bible principles. No one would have known it was the Special talk,unless they called it that.

  • leapofthefrog

    I was only half paying attention, but I think I can give you the synopsis

    1. life today is full of lots and lots of problems
    2. These problems are really bad
    3. All you gotta do is turn on the news and . . .
    4. By the way, did I mention gas prices
    5. Problems, problems, problems. . . problems. . . . look at all these problems
    6. Don't you wanna get rid of all these problems? (yeah!!!)
    7. scripture, scripture, jesus, bible, jesus, scripture, join our cult, jesus, scripture. . . .

  • finallysomepride

    O so nothing differnt then.

    Heard it all before

    blah blah blah

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I didn't attend / wouldn't attend / already wasted far too of my life listening to such nonsense already!

    However, of one thing you can be sure, this one would have been no more special than any of the other "special talks" that there have ever been !

    Put in military terms, this special talk should have been entitled "Sierra Squared, Delta Squared." (As ladies are listening, I had better not translate that code!)


  • cantleave

    Special talks are never special. I only ever gave one (it was about Jesus 3 or 4 years ago), I hated the outline and it was probably the worst public talk I ever gave.

  • BluesBrother

    They assigned it to the dullest speaker....never bothered to introduce it as "Special", nobody seemed interested in the event.

    I can remember as a kid that it WAS special. We had leaflets printed, there was a buzz of excitement. The talk had to be exactly as the manuscript so it always sounded false, but at least it was a different day...

    Today? (that is a yawn BTW)

  • milola

    bungi bill it took me more time than I care to admit finding out what that means.

  • yknot

    Well here is what happened at my hall....

    The Brother who gave the talk did a bang up job of utilizing aspects he liked about the outline and presenting a milder talk whose theme was centered around how using Bible Principles makes our lives more balanced, happy and how we can apply the golden rule to find peace within our own turbulent lives.... it ws a great talk and could have been given in any church. It was a sincere presentation, man has a good heart and a level head, he is a raised and is in the last decade of his life.....a white headed pillar of patience and wisdom...

    Last year was a dry reading by the CoBoE who was nervous as all get out.....Glad he didn't try again....he just doesn't have a natural flow to his presentations.......

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