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  • cyberjesus

    welcome. and keep on reading....

  • imasheilatoo

    My mother became a JW when I was 7 years old. She became a "pioneer" which committed her to so many hours of "field service" a week, in addition to meetings. Her conversion broke up my family, but she refused to work at a job at first, finally finding part-time work when I was about 12 years old. During all that time and after, we barely had any food in the house. I made mayonnaise sandwiches (nothing else, just mayonnaise) for lunch. I wore shoes that had holes in them, and had to put cardboard in them to keep my feet from being on the ground. I learned early how to make my own clothes. In addition to our unnecessary poverty, my mother found no time to do any housework, so at a very early age I became responsible for cleaning and cooking, and washing my own clothes. Maybe people think this sounds character building, but combine all that with the fact that I was not allowed any friends or activities in school, I HAD NO CHILDHOOD. It took me many years in adulthood to get over that, if one can ever really get over it and all the attendent feelings of worthlessness and loss. My greatest joy in life has been giving my own son a normal, happy childhood and watching him grow up to be a fulfilled, mature, wonderful adult. Don't let the JWs play on your conscience. Your most important task right now is to raise your son and to give him all of the attention and whatever else he needs. You will never regret that, and he will never have any reason to look back on his childhood with sadness that you put anything before your love for him.

  • godrulz

    Unbelievable. I rejoice with you in moving on so well.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Welcome Umadevi and imasheilatoo. Welcome to making your decisions for yourself and for your benefit. Elders are lower managers for a printing company with unpaid workers. They are trained to get as much benefit for the printing company out of the unpaid workers as possible. Once you have that clearly in mind, you can move forward.

  • sinis

    Dude silver is going to tank and we are heading towards DEFLATION - spiral down. A lot has to do with QE and or debt limit adjustment, but when the BIG boys start shorting/calling silver you either play or get your ass handed to you...

    You are better off buying food, and other TANGIBLE commods as in both a deflationary and hyperinflationary situation JiT becomes non existant and the things you need for survival are few and far between...

  • Medina

    Yes WTWizard, Why do people not pay attention to your Hyperinflation warnings...

    Is USA so oblivious to the comming doom of the US Dollar (FRN).

  • lovelylil

    Welcome to the board!

    It is so hard for you single parents, I give you a lot of credit. Yes the elders are controlling, it is all about looking good on paper, they are OBSESSED with numbers so are always asking for field service slips. The thing is the CO gets down their necks if the numbers are "low".

    I remember when I studied with an elder and his wife, they told me and hubby there is not requirement for field service as far as how often and that is was up to the individual. The word they used was "voluntary", YEAH RIGHT! I pioneered for years but then my numbers went low due to an illness and I got calls all the time. I brought up that it was supposed to be voluntary so how the heck do we have a required amount of hours? Doesn't Jehovah know thats ALL I can do? That ususally shut them up.

    Glad you are working hard to take care of your child. That is the most important thing. You are providing for your own, the way the bible says. Have you read crisis of conscience yet by Ray Franz? I would highly recomend it! Then you will see the elders are not appointed by Jehovah but are just mere men running a religion. Any power the organization has over you will be gone after reading that book, I promise you that.

    Someone mentioned the welfare system? What used to bother me was how the "friends" always put down the world but yet had no trouble going out collecting welfare, foodstamps, and other assistance from the worldly governments. Some of which all the worldly tax payers help to pay for.

    When I was ill for 3 years and could not work, I never collected disability although I could have because I worked to pay into that fund. But since my hubby made enough to support me and the family without my income, and I knew I would return to work someday, I left the money alone. My thinking was it would be there for someone who needed it more. But most witnesses I knew had no problems taking a handout, some who didn't even really need it and could have gotten by. So much for Jehovah will provide!

    Good luck with your endeavers, you will find lots of support here. Nice to "meet" you. Peace, Lilly

  • wasblind

    Hello there Imadevi!,

    have they hit you with the , " Lilies of the Field " scripture yet ????

    when they do you let 'em know that it's your name on the light bill

    not those Lilies in the field. And they are quick to point out to the world everything

    is done on a voluntary basis. If you are under pressure it no longer becomes voluntary.

    Yes scripture say not to be anxious, but it doesn't say to neglect you responsibilities

    and you are the one responsible for keepin' your bills paid

  • Quandry

    Welcome umadevi and imasheilatoo,

    When I was a new JW I used to see mothers with several kids who would pioneer, sometimes dragging them around with her all day. I used to wonder when the kids had time to play, or just sit at home in jammies and enjoy a day with mom.

    Then I had a child, and had to endure all the ones who used to "encourage" me to pioneer. I would go out with my child, get the looks when she started crying from hunger, then sit in a hot car in Florida nursing her. I used to feel guilty for not pioneering. How glad I am now that I didn't. She is grown and I would have missed time with her.

    umadevi, you in addition to all the duties at home as a mom must work. If all you did with your child was go to meetings and out in service, when would you both have time to kick back and take a walk or just talk?

    Of course, if you quit your job or took a part time one and couldn't pay your bills, the same elders would tell you that you should've counted the cost before you quit!

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Welcome! You are amongst people who really do understand what you are saying & have heard it all before- there may still be grants available for moms to go back to school, get a college degree, and stop struggling with low paying full time jobs- just think about it! you are opening yourself up for real freedom to take back control of your life-

    keep reading with an open mind & I wish you the best!


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