Osama bin Laden is Dead

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  • WTWizard

    So president Osama Obama can take credit. The military deserves full credit, not the president.

    And, now they need to go after the 5 men that are going to enslave the whole human race. Unless every single one of them is dead, and the whole system they set up destroyed, we are all going to face Agenda 21+--the deluxe version (which is even worse than what YouTube videos are threatening with). One major puppet gone--now the masters have to go.

    As for Osama, he should have been put to death back in 1998. They made several attempts then, and wussed out at the worst possible time because someone higher up the chain pulled the plug. Had the military (that is, those at the site) just gone ahead, that pig would have been exterminated in 1998 (and buried in pig manure). Had this military listened to higher authority, there is an equally good chance that they would have screwed up the communications or called them out at the last minute, and it would have been another bad attempt.

  • NeckBeard

    They dumped the body in the ocean right away? I want to see the long form death certificate.

  • NomadSoul

    lol @ NeckBeard

  • NeckBeard

    That picture is a fake Terra.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I feel in such a celebratory mood that I am ashamed. But I will celebrate anyway. His death may make things worse for the US in the short term. At the risk of repeating myself, I lived in downtown Manhattan on 9/11 and worked one block from the World Trade Center. It saddens me when people who are decent people want to ban Islam. It is the very fact that Moslems are as much Americans as anyone else that differtiates our Western culture from most Middle Eastern Culture. I don't see anyway Al=Qaeda could defeat us militarily. Yes, they certainly hurt us deep in our national psyche. A psyche I thought did not exist anymore. Al-Qaeda's strategy is to make us turn on our most sacred values as Americans. When habeus corpus and other rights do not exist for certain people, they win.

    I knew many Moslems from living in an urban area. Every taxi driver was Middle Eastern. If I had a nonMiddle Eastern driver, it was a day of note. There were some Africans, too. Sometimes I fantasied about immigration being tougher when they almost killed me for being female and telling where to drive me. When I was hospitalized, my roommate was a Black Muslim. I was utterly terrified from what I saw as a child. They were so nice, so basically decent and treated me very well.

    I have so many vignettes from those days. One that I like is that I had to go to Bellevue for medical treatment which terrorized me. The construction walls around Bellevue were completely covered with thousands of flyers of the missing. All had color photos smiling. They were so young. The contrast with the tragedy was enormous. Votive candles were going. Initially, it was called the Wall of Hope. Later, it had to be renamed to the Wall of Prayer. Museums have archived those walls. Bellelvue is like a 42nd St. subway stop, teeming with poor people. As I walked through the main lobby about a week after 9/11. a woman was there in heavy purdah. Could not see her at all. It was right out of Afghanistan. No one paid her much mind.

    Let me also note that there was racial or class difference to how stricken one was by grief. Many poor patients told me that we had it coming for supporting the Israelites. They could not see anyone in the financial district as human. It was sad.

    As Obama said, Al-Qaeda has murdered and terrorized more Moslems in the Middle East than here. Many Moslems were in the towers.

    For today, though, I am celebrating--with some wonder.

  • darthfader

    I find it rather disturbing that OBL was living in a millioin dollar compound in the "lap of luxury" while the R&F were living in caves in the mountains...

    Sounds familiar...

    I am glad he's dead, but he's a martyr now and another radical idiot will soon take his place. I hope it doesn't take another 10 years to eliminate the replacement...

  • NeckBeard

    "Bin Laden was shot in the face by the SEALs during a firefight after resisting capture. He was buried at sea less than 12 hours later. He was 54".

    Seriously???? I am not the only one to comment on this very weird thing. You have got to be kidding me.

    "OBL was shot in the face by a Barret 50 cal sniper rifle at close range in the compound. Odd as it may seem it was the weapon of choice for the commandos this mission, b/c they needed an accurate weapon, and 'couldn't afford to miss".

    Nobody uses a Barrett .50 for short range work. It is a long range countersniping weapon to kill people hundreds and thousands of yards away.

    So they obliterate his face with a .50 cal bullet? Have you seen what happens to a human body hit by a .50? If flies to pieces. You can't get a visual ID that way.

    And then, like all Navy war heroes he was buried at sea. Allowing any 3rd party to review the ID match was deemed unnecessary because the SEALS were damn sure they got their man. Right?

    Think of all the VALUABLE intel Bin Laden had between his ears.

    But they shot in the face with he biggest caliber available and buried him at sea a few hours later???

    We didn't do that with KSM or Saddam did we? We held them and got all the intel we could.

    WTF? This sounds like a sheeple story.

    The timing reminds me of WAG THE DOG, the film. What a joke.

  • NomadSoul

    We call that a no scope shot! Must've been a bad mothef*****

  • NeckBeard

    We call that a no scope shot! Must've been a bad mothef*****

    Barrett. 50 is not a CQB weapon! IT is heavy! I've shot one so I know!

    This was a CQB operation! SEALS carry the right tool for the job! Like this:

    Osama has been dead for 6 years. He was taken out by his 3rd in command....

    I want to see VIDEO of him alive past 2005. The media isn't even good at this thing. Fox said he was bombed, ABC is saying shot.

    They are just making shit up.

  • Scully

    Neck Beard:

    I agree with you, and have made similar comments on other threads.

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