Governing Body Is On Their 'Apostate Warpath' Again

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  • Ex-Dub MS
    Ex-Dub MS

    The 'problem' with telling the rank-and-file not to visit 'apostate' web sites is all the other screaming done in talk after talk after meeting after WatchTower Study to GO GO GO NOW NOW NOW and Fix People By Telling Them Stuff.

    If they're listening to what they're told 984749879837 times over and believe it? Then they'll find it hard to resist any attempts to 'fix' those who don't believe what they do.

    And notice how they say not to 'examine' the Web sites or comment on them. If merely visiting such a website were a disfellowshipping offense, wellll........dotty dot dot.....we might have to send a few folks at Brooklyn home. Right? Nice job of lawyer-ese!

    -XD MS

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    The WTS will regret this. Instead of taking such an arrogant, dictatorial, dogmatic approach, they should try to understand WHY there are so many apostates. Most so-called "Apostates" have been people who have been HURT by members and policies of the WTS. If they were really of GOD, that would be their approach, but like with most cults its about control - hence this ignorant, arrogant fear-mongering.

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    I am going to so enjoy ignoring these assholes as I attend the meetings and remaining "in good standing" and there is NOTHING they can do to stop me or find me. This is fun!


  • Ashikae

    I've been in and now I'm out. Out is sooo much better.

    Name calling and rubbishing others is a pretty weak offence.

    All you lurkers, realize the WT doesn't care for you as an individual, you're just a number that they can preside over and push around. Is that what you really want?

    One step out of line and you're through.

    Come on, come and join us. Do you have the guts to at least try it? Well do ya?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    As has already been said, THE WATCHTOWER'S GOVERNING BODY = GOD.

    If they are wrong about something, though, they are "merely imperfect men." WHICH IS IT?

    This is a metaphysical dilemma of the highest order.

    I enjoy being a Boogeyman!

  • Reality79

    The internet is going to be the ultimate downfall of this evil organisation, I guarantee it. They really think that in this information age, some people are not going to analyse the information they're being given? The fact that you can actually get in trouble for looking at apostate websites says it all.

    It's only a matter of time before they tell their followers to not use the internet at all for any reason.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    This has been continuing to roll around in the back of my (diseased) mind for the past few days.

    In recent years, what have been the reasons why some people have gone off the Watchtower reservation into the land of thistles and thorns that is Aposta-ville (population: YOU)?

    One large reason has been the revelation of the widespread tolerance of pedophilia in the Watchtower bible & Tract Society.

    Has the WTB&TS ever said that PEDOPHILES were mentally diseased? Has it ever condemned those who tolerate and wink at such blatant EVIL as MENTALLY DISEASED?

    No, but it rushes to characterize lovers of righteousness who will not tolerate the presence of evil as MENTALLY DISEASED.

    Barb Anderson and Bill Bowen are mentally diseased? If so, I'll have a double portion of what they're having, please.

    Others have left the WTB&TS after learning that it was involved in spiritual promiscuity with the UNITED NATIONS, who has long been represented by the WTB&TS as an ENEMY of God's kingdom.

    Has the WTB&TS portrayed those who engage in such two-faced pornea as mentally diseased? Does spiritual syphilis cause MENTAL DISEASE? Does Governing Body gonorrhea cause MENTAL DISEASE?

    No, the WTB&TS portrays those who object to their blatant hypocrisy as MENTALLY DISEASED. Curiously, at the same time, out of the other side of their mouths they condemn other religions for their support of the United Nations.

    What is the TRUE SOURCE of MENTAL DISEASE? It is the Jehovah mind-meme. Learn how to effectively wash your own brain and cleanse it of this evil infestation!

    "Apostates" are standing by, ready to help you if you wish.

  • Terra Incognita

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