Governing Body Is On Their 'Apostate Warpath' Again

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  • focariedu21

    We should all get on ou knees and thank GOD for the internet that exposes the WBTS what it really is...otherwise how else would all of us here find the truth

  • Quendi

    Welcome, Don Cameron! I have read your book and am in complete agreement with its thesis. Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed "captives to a concept" and this has enabled the Governing Body to manipulate them in ways that are truly disgusting. I have now left the WTS behind and am enjoying my life again for the first time in many years. Thanks to you and men like Ray Franz, I am rediscovering my God-given free will and power of reason.

    We should not be surprised by this vicious attack from the Governing Body in the July 15, 2011 issue of The Watchtower. They are "circling the wagons" as their stranglehold on the rank and file begins to loosen. Their tactics are very similar to what we have seen taking place in North Africa and Southwest Asia as the dictatorial regimes there have decided to use deadly force against their own people who only want their human rights honored and respected. The Governing Body has decided that an all out assault against "apostates" is the best way to deal with would-be dissidents among Jehovah's Witnesses as well as those who have abandoned the organization. "Hear no, See no, Speak no Apostasy" is their philosophy now, with "apostasy" and "apostates" being any teaching or persons not marching in lock step with them.

    The sad thing about this situation is that the Governing Body are the "ravenous wolves" they rail against. They are the ones who come to others in the "sheep's covering" of being "God's organization". They are the ones Jesus warned so forcefully against in his Sermon on the Mount. But so complete is the mind control they exercise over the rank and file that few among them will see this. Instead Witnesses will embrace this warning as coming from Jehovah himself. They won't tear away the veneer of Christianity it has to see the rotten and worthless unchristian hatred it really is, more's the pity. I thank God that I have made good my own escape, and I want to assist those of my friends and family I have left behind to get out. But that will only happen for them if and when they open their eyes to the real "truth".


  • Quendi

    6) Do not add your comments to their blogs

    Does this mean that we will no longer hear from posters like djeggnog? We can only hope that is the case!


  • Rocky_Girl

    This article actually concerns me because, at this moment, my parents are not shunning me or my brothers. (only one of them is DF, but my mom says we all are the same) I am the only one pursuing another religion (mom says this equals apostasy) and I can see them taking this advice and going back into "Angie is dead" mode.

  • DaCheech

    they = god

    questioning them = questioning god

  • clarity

    The watchtower is really shooting its self in the head .... don't they realize that once someone is outed & df'd .... what do they have to lose? They can't be held hostage anymore!

    Their families & friends can't speak to them anymore so what's to stop them from going public in a BIG way?

    Nothing. ............... watch out watchtower, you will be reaping a storm wind!

  • journey-on

    They are in FEAR right now. They KNOW that they are being exposed for who and what they truly are.

    Don't be surprised if they continue with even more hate-mongering articles directed against those that have made a choice to get out of her (the org.)

    The real Truth will set you free. Real, valid, authentic information is anathema to them. The Governing Body and all their minions are indeed on the warpath, but they will spin it like it's a spiritual war against them. Unfortunately, the blind will continue to be blind and will eventually fall off the cliff with them.

  • jehovahsheep

    the wts is nothing more than a pseudo-christian cult that was born in the late 19th century and sprouted and has attracted millions with no biblical knowledge[including myself at the time] solely to promote their quackery.

  • snowbird

    They're resorting to recycling expressions from the 1980's campaign against apostates - mentally diseased.



  • Tan Hai-chi
    Tan Hai-chi

    Apostates are mentally dis-eased that is why they are apostates. The disease is from the organization and they seek to cure it.Once out of the org they can find the cure.

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