Governing Body Is On Their 'Apostate Warpath' Again

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  • Cameron_Don

    (The Watchtower - July 15, 2011)

    The men of the Governing Body are on their 'Apostate Warpath' again.

    And as usual they brought with them their Motive-Judging, Name-Calling Watchtower propaganda weapon. They have even come up with a new hateful way of referring to former Witnesses who have had the nerve to disagree with them:

    "Apostates are mentally 'diseased' and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings." And as usual, they dig up all the negative comments they can find in the Bible and apply them to those former Witnesses. This time their propaganda asserts without presenting a shred of evidence that former Witnesses "seek to take Christ’s disciples with them and like ravenous wolves, false teachers are out to devour trusting members of the congregation, destroying their faith and leading them away from the truth." Personally I am not aware of anyone who has left the Watchtower religion who sought to make their own disciples out of Jehovah's Witnesses. Raymond Franz for example. Anyone who has read his books knows full well that he had no interest in having anyone follow him or even a suggestion that anyone ought to agree with him. On the other hand, what about the men of the Governing Body? Although they don't refer to the Witnesses as their own "disciples," they treat them as if they were. Their motive may not have been to intentionally have millions of Jehovah's Witnesses become their followers (or disciples) but that is what has happened. They not only claim to be the only "true teachers" of the Bible, but unlike Raymond Franz, they require the Witnesses to follow them by accepting whatever they are currently teaching, even if what they are teaching is not true. One of their ways of keeping their disciples under their control is to keep convincing them not to want to have anything to do with former Witnesses. In the above article they ask, "What is involved in avoiding false teachers?" They answer this way: 1) Do not receive them into your homes 2) Do not greet them 3) Do not read their literature 4) Do not watch TV programs that feature them 5) Do not examine their Web sites 6) Do not add your comments to their blogs Why do millions of normal people put up with such control? Or as they ask it: "Why do we take such a firm stand?" They answer, "Because of love. We love 'the God of truth,' so we are not interested in twisted teachings that contradict his Word of truth. We also love Jehovah’s organization." Do these people who write this stuff really believe what they are saying? Apparently so. Why? As long as they believe the Society is God's organization they will continue to say whatever stuff "God's organization" tells them to say. Don Cameron
  • DesirousOfChange

    Do these people who write this stuff really believe what they are saying?

    The people who WRITE this stuff really believe they have to do SOMETHING to stop the bleeding hemmoraging.

    It's the people who READ this stuff who really do believe what is being said. Obviously not ALL, but MOST. At least until something significant enough happens to them to open their eyes.

  • QuestioningEverything

    These kind of WT articles make me sick to my stomach.

  • Murray Smith
    Murray Smith

    Welcome to the forum Don Cameron . . . exellent post.

    How easy it seems to be . . . to "feed" an already controlled mind. I have to be honest . . . only now that I'm 'out' can I see this for what it is

  • saltyoldlady

    Hey Don - First of all I want to tell you personally I think your book was the BEST of the many, many, many books I read revealing truth about WTS. And in my letter requesting DA'ing I advised the elders of at least 8 of the better books I had read leading to my decision but highlighting yours as the "most dangerous" from their point of view (knowing that would cause them to secretly read it - and apparently the PO has done so. giggle, giggle.)

    But as one of those glorious "apostates" as they call it I was one very timid, cautious, and careful soul not to be caught guilty of leading anyone else out with me. I guess now my DA letter convicts me in that regard so I am no longer so innocent. And I also avoided posting or being on any of the ex-jw boards for a long time for the same reason - to avoid being guilty in anyway of collecting followers or drawing others out because of my own personal decisions. I was "trained well" by their methods as evidenced by this fear. Gradually I am coming free of it - takes awhile after nearly 40 years of indoctrination.

    But their assumptions that the main reason for exits is to collect a personal following is so bogus and so in error. And I have to add my voice to yours that I am unable to think of a single case that fits that scenario and I must have examined several dozen firsthand already.

    By the way a WELCOME is due your first post. So may I extend you a GREAT BIG WELCOME and hoping you will enrich our lives by many more. Salty

  • snowbird
  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    All we need now is a tatoo on our foreheads with the numbers 666

  • Georgiegirl

    I suspect that some of this is motivated by JWs posting on apostate blogs and get thoroughly spanked. Most can't think critically, don't even know their own doctrine/history, can't spell or use good grammar, and resort to namecalling. I think part of the reason behind this is

    6) Do not add your comments to their blogs

    In other words, please shut the heck up! You're making us (GB) look like idiots and proving we are a cult!!! Of course, they have to write a whole article around it. The funny thing (in my opinion) is the people who go on "apostate" boards and youtube and blogs? aren't paying a bit of attention at the WT study anyway so it's not going to do much good!

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks for posting this.


    I agree with you that the religion is totally wrong in thinking that people leave the religion in order to get a 'following' or to start their own religion. Hogwash!

    My experience in the religion was a stifling one. They wish they could silence disgruntled people, who are growing in numbers. What they are hoping for is that people who leave go into oblivion somewhere and not talk about their bad experience in the religion. The religion would love this. I am sure they are longing for the good old days before the internet when people who left the religion only had a library book or two (maybe) and were totally isolated. Library books critical of the JW religion are known to mysteriously 'disappear' or get 'lost'. After a while, maybe the library will not order the book again. The religion loves this. However, the internet has defeated them in their quest to silence everybody.

    I post because I needed to get it all out and purge my brain of the bad experience. It is therapeutic and I have nothing against anybody who wants to remain in the religion. They can do what they want. But, I am glad I am out of there.

  • tenyearsafter
    tenyearsafter doe the GB know about reading apostate websites and postings on apostate blogs unless they themselves have viewed them?!? Sounds like the admonition only applies to the weak-minded, non-GB JW's.

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