Slandered At the Circuit Assembly & My Letter To My Mother

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  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Sorry to hear your story Julia.

    You and your family can and will make it through.

    Unfortunately, in my opinion (and experience), half of the elders co's etc are just on a power trip.

    In reading crisis of conscience you can see that it goes right to the top. The loving elders often give up and resign or leave the borg altogether.

    I find your letter very touching and kind. I do hope your parents will listen.

    Good look.

  • meangirl

    So sorry to hear what you are enduring. My heart truly goes out to you.

  • saltyoldlady

    Dear Julia - Just wanted you to know I think you did a BEAUTIFUL job with that letter to your Mom. Thank you for sharing it with us, and I will be keeping you, your hubby, and little Jake plus all your children in my constant prayers.

  • metatron

    My Dear Lady, opportunity may have come your way! Listen........

    Get all the names of those involved and , if a recording is not available, try to get someone's notes of the meeting. Then, see a lawyer.

    Even if you have NO CASE, you still may be able to throw a 'world of hurt' at your accusers, if you send a carefully worded letter, on a lawyer's letterhead, to the Watchtower Society's "Legal Dept".

    If you spin this correctly and carefully, they may send out letters to those involved, never to do anything like this again! (because of potential liability issues).

    Think about it.......


  • blondie

    There is a reason COs are counseled not to use "experiences" in the same circuit if it has a negative, sensational aspect, to save it for the next circuit miles away where no one will put the clues together. Also, they are counseled not to have a sister with an "unbelieving" husband tell her experience on the off chance he is in the audience and might take legal action.

    I always remember Jesus was called a "son of fornication" by the religious leaders of his time..................

  • metatron

    As Blondie says above, they may have 'stepped in it'. You need to get busy.


  • headisspinning

    Oh my goodness - thank you all for your incredible support and understanding of what we are going through.

    I already started looking up information about slander from a legal aspect. And I do have the name of the elder who did the assembly part.

    I also know the presiding overseer's name in my ex husband's congregation. AND I know that the brother who took us in watched the rehearsal and was totally fine with what was said.

    My sister told me that her friend had people over to her place right after the assembly. I guess they were talking about the part and how it seemed incredibly one-sided and very inappropriate.

    That's coming from people who don't even know me or know the REAL story. I really wonder what people who know the real story are thinking.

    Thank you. I will let you know what happens and what we decide to do.


  • DesirousOfChange

    If any of those involved are in a small town, it would be great to be able to file a lawsuit even if you didn't really follow through with it (very costly) just so it would hit the small town newpaper. Newpapers never follow up on things that are dropped. That isn't "news".

  • mythreesons

    Sorry, I know that hurts when the lies are told. I did like your letter to your parents. It was very well written and from the heart. I just can't believe they let your ex say those things! Wow....but nothing suprises me anymore.

  • Murray Smith
    Murray Smith

    I'm really sorry Julia . . . as if you haven't been through enough already! What your ex did was totally unneccessary and even from a JW perspective, he amounts to nothing more than a manslayer.

    In some ways it may work to your advantage in the long run . . . especially with family if they are in any way fair-minded and objective . . . I hope so.

    The letter you wrote to your Mum (and Dad) was beautifully done.

    Chin up girl . . . you and your children are throwing open the gates to freedom . . . these things are painful . . . but much better times lie ahead for you . . . kia kaha (be strong)

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