Slandered At the Circuit Assembly & My Letter To My Mother

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  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Im so sorry you are having to go through this Julia, just wanted to send you my love and to say Im thinking of you x

    Paula x

  • skeeter1

    I am so sorry about your situation. I am glad you are out. He did not love or cherish you. He broke the command.

    The Watch Tower preaches for peace and against violence or war. Yet, they allow husbands to beat thier wives and children. Hypocrites.


  • steve2

    Hi Julia,

    This is so very upsetting for you - especially after all you've gone through. You must be beside yourself with distress!

    Just to clarify: What exactly did he say about you from the platform? You could have grounds for a civil suit against him. The Watchtower may also be concerned about what he said from the platform if he mentioned you by name or by inference and then made malicious and/or untrue statements about your behavior. Even the Watchtower has moved away from directly naming people and their behaviors because of sensitivity about legal repercussions.

    In the meantime, be strong. It may seem unbelievable at the present time, but the pain doesn't last forever and you will be able to move on. Take care.

  • headisspinning

    He did not say my name directly but at least 100 people out of 100 know me personally and the rest through gossip.

    I explained the full story up above. He is far beyond reproach and at the very least threatened my life, prior to me leaving.

    His lies were definitely through omission. He told the 800+ in attendance that he simply came home to find that I ran off with his children with no warning.

    He didn't mention the circumstances - that he threatened my life and urged me to move out or else he would 'do something very bad'.

  • steve2

    Hey Julia - what he did is totally disgusting, using his position of power on the platform to slander you based on his being your husband. He sounds like a typical abuser - careful not to provide a balanced account of what happen for fear that others would understand why you did what you did.

  • jeckle

    I'm so sorry to you and hubby(steve right). That's should be proof enough that there is no holy spirit backing that org.. You have been thru a lot. I thought vengence belonged to god. The witnesses forget that at convenient times. I thought i was gossiped about but they did you dirty from the platform. please take care and hopefully you live in a big enough area you can not have to see any dubs for a while.

  • jamiebowers

    I'm sorry you're going through this, but please think long and hard about this part of your letter to your mom:

    OH and one last thing - PLEASE know that we very much want you in the kids' lives and I pray that includes Jake.
    However it would be comfortable for you to make that happen is fine with us. I don't want to make things difficult for you at all.
    We also want you in our lives but we will respect the decision that you make in that regard.

    Your ex-husband is already disrespecting and lying about you in front of your kids. It will be just as damaging to them if your parents do the same.

  • Gayle

    wow, Julia, you've had a 'double whammy' of horrible going on in your life,,an abusive husband and a unsupportive religion forbidding its members and your family to be there for you. It was horrible that your in-laws though initially supportive for you because of knowing the threatening abuse of your ex turn around and accept him to speak of you like that in the assembly program. Maybe it'll get out in the grapevine eventually speaking of him as actually abusive to you.

    So glad you have read Crisis of Conscience. That book gives one such a clincher to help wrap up all the negativity and facts of the WT organization in order to be able to just drop the whole mess.

    I am just concerned about his control and possible abuse to the children later. Since he is such a hyprocrit, he would be capable toward this behavior toward the children.

    Sometimes, things have to get so horrible for it to become clear the absolute need to move on in your life and make it good, joyful and more peaceful but it will get better now.

    I hope your immediate family will soften toward your circumstance knowing the facts. However, with the July 15 WT coming out, it may be more difficult. Take care. You are a survivor.

  • Lozhasleft

    HIS - sorry to hear this devastating for you. I seriously think you should sue for slander.

    Loz x

  • daringhart13

    Slander is a JW's favorite weapon.

    Funny thing you know what separates slander from adultery?

    A comma.

    Slander was the #1 reason I left. Its allowed and even encouraged.

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