Is this normal witness behavior?

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  • confusedstudent

    I quit my bible study a couple days ago after taking a month or two to work up the guts. Have been getting harassing emails/phone calls blah blah blah. But I got an email today telling me that an unbelieving spouse can be "sanctified" by his believing mate. And now that I "know the truth" (I had a meeting to become an unbaptized publisher tomorrow so I had been studying for awhile) I am going to have to realize I will be responsible for my husband being destroyed at Armageddon and do I really want that on my conscience? IS THIS NORMAL!? How can they think they will get me to change my mind with this? My husband however thinks this entire situation is hilarious. I'm glad he has such a great sense of humor...

  • cantleave

    It is not an unexpected response. You are, afterall, walking away from a cult recruitment process.

  • sooner7nc

    Sounds pretty typical to me. Pathetic attempts at coercion.

  • jamiebowers

    If you had children, the jws would use them to coerce you into the cult. I have read time and time again of jws trying to guilt ex-jws by saying that their kids are going to be destroyed at Armageddon, because the ex-jw left the organization. Make no mistake about it...this is a cult.

  • confusedstudent

    They had always kind of skirted around the subject of Armageddon in my "studies". Saying that it is all heart condition and only Jehovah can know and basically if you are a good person Jehovah will probably see that and save you. They have really changed their tune now. They were so friendly and sweet. Now that their please please we are praying for you didn't work I guess they are trying a different tactic. It's scary though I was watching CNN tonight and it was talking about wars and earthquakes and I thought to myself "crap, what if they are right and it is the end and I am going to be destroyed soon!?" I can tell it is going to be awhile before I get my thinking back to normal....

  • Morbidzbaby

    Sounds like average JW behavior, yes. As was pointed out, you're walking away just as you were rising in rank and getting closer to being fully indoctrinated into a high control group/cult. To maintain what little control they thought they had, they need to try to find something to guilt you into sticking with it. Kind of like the salesman who says "Well ya know... I dunno how long this offer is gonna be on the table... and well... if you don't jump at this opportunity now, it might be too late!". But the JW's themselves really don't realize that this is what they are doing. They truly believe that you and yours will die at Armageddon if you aren't one of them.

    Change your email, check caller ID before answering (or just screen calls through voicemail/answering machine), and just don't respond. Eventually they will get the hint. If they start coming to your house and harrassing you after you've made it clear you don't want to be involved, file a Cease and Desist.

    RE: the wars and earthquakes... Knowledge is the best way to combat the JW mindset. Research the number of wars over the centuries, as well as natural disasters. There is nothing happening now that wasn't happening centuries ago... It's just that now we understand it and with the advent of the internet and mass media, we are more quick to read about it and reports are more widespread. So whereas in some backwater 3rd world country 50 years ago it would have probably taken a week or more to report on a natural disaster or war, now it's at the click of a mouse. It makes it seem like there's more...when really, it's the same as it ever was.

  • Gayle

    Guilt is the Watchtower strong hold about every little thing. Grand that your husband can spot that kind of manipulation. It is a high-mind control religion and a causer of so much emotional damage. Destroys many families, destroys joy.

  • ambersun

    Yes, I am afraid this is perfectly normal witness behaviour.

    I was treated to a dose of this when I stopped going to meetings and was told I would be responsible for my entire family's demise at armageddon if I didn't take them all back to the meetings pronto. That was over 20 years ago and we are all still here, the kids have grown up and are living happy and contented lives thank you very much, so please don't let it get to you it is all fear tactics designed to break you down.

    Take care

  • confusedstudent

    It's so strange. I know logically that half the stuff they were trying to teach me was batsh*t crazy. Yet I still have all these strange fears and phobias that I had developed. Yesterday was Easter and I saw some kids hunting for eggs and my first thought was "BABYLON THE GREAT"....and then I realized what I was thinking and just had to laugh at myself. It's like I was programmed to have automatic negative reactions to things. I just have to be patient. My brain will become normal in time.

  • mouthy

    Yes I used to do it!!!!I truly thought it was GODS TRUE ORGANaZTION!!
    Yes it is definatly a cult....I would tell them to get Crises Of Conscience
    I suggest you read it too.Isnt it sad,that they can capture folks minds?

    Sounds like Hubby has it together Laugh with him....I watched Waco last night
    at least you have got out in time before you were so entrapped you could have.
    given your life & mind to a few old men at Brooklyn Bethel I suggest you tell them the truth..


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