What proof is there that Jesus chose the Bible Students in 1919?

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  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy

    Well "the judge of that" was the none other honorable "Judge Ruthford"!!!!

    And how did Mr. Rutherford become a "judge" to do that?....You guess it the self righteous ass hole give himself the title.

    google him to find out more about this wonderfull man.

  • MeanMrMustard


    LOL! - Man, that's almost exactly what I thought the "proof" would be....


  • sabastious
    "Can you explain to me why Jesus did not choose the Christadelphians in 1919 ?" (I am not advocating the CD's, they are as deluded as any religion)

    What has been the responses from this question? It is a highly disillusioning question, imo.


  • sabastious
    I actually did a video on this, there was an article in 1991 which explains three things that the Watchtower was that no other religion was in 1919.

    Where is this video, and what are the three teachings?


  • Morbidzbaby

    @MeanMrMustard, my comment was purely sarcastic lol. When you narrow it down, that's pretty much what they say Jesus was doing.

    @VM44, interesting how that talk outline says "WE KNOW" that Jesus came to power in 1914. HOW do we know? What proof is there? OOOOH right...the whole 607 BCE thing...which has been proven false 6 ways to Sunday... riiiiight, so that's how we know he was makin' an inspection in 1919... Cause his presence was INVISIBLE! What a way to dupe people. Just tell them they can't actually SEE it, and they have to have FAITH.

  • garyneal

    Oh what a good find. My wife and I are suppose to 'research' this very question tomorrow.

    I'm not sure what she thinks she is going to find. She really does not care to prove it to herself anyway so it is liable to be a complete waste of time. However, I will continue to point out that without it they are nothing more than another Christian sect.

    She does not understand the big fuss over 1919 anyway and does not care.

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Good thread! This goes UP!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Hitler said so. Stalin said so. Mao said so.

    My mom once told me never to hoot my own horn; what for someone else to do it.

    They were not exceptional. Certainly, not more sincere. Their results are mediocre or worse.

    It never made sense to me. They went to prison b/c they broke the law and fascism was popular.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    RE: the judge. Isn't it true that he was not a judge? Calling yourself "judge" when you are not a judge is misleading and in very poor taste. It reminds me of my southern red neck cartoon.

  • shepherd

    Unfortunately the reason Rutherford came up with 1919 was not because of some divine prophesy - it was for a much more down to earth reason.

    Rutherford had taken over the organization Russell had began. Many considered Russell as the faithful slave and many split off and continued as Bible Students in order to continue to follow Russell's teachings. Rutherford needed to establish that he was the one everyone now needed to follow. So, he came up with a new direction for the organization (including lots of BS about prophets returning from the dead in 1926) and it was decided that Jesus did not even choose his people until AFTER Russell had died....

    There was nothing spiritual about it, it was just part of the political power struggle within the organization at that time.

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