What proof is there that Jesus chose the Bible Students in 1919?

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  • VM44

    What proof is there that Jesus inspected all the religions or the earth in 1919 and then chose the Bible Students?

    Just because The Watchtower says in its literature that they were chosen is not proof!

  • TheClarinetist

    Watching this topic.

  • finallysomepride

    Good question, absolutely zero proof

  • sabastious

    They don't point to the times of 1919 to answer that question. They point to everything after that year as evidence that their self proclamation was both correct and deserving.


  • NVR2L8

    The teachings approved by JC in 1919 are considered appostasy today...or is it the opposite? I use to believe that the growth in membership was the evidence JC was behind the organisation...until I realized that other movements like the revived pentacostal church as grown much faster without doing any door to door preaching!

  • VM44

    It appears that The Watchtower was chosen by Jesus in 1919 because The Watchtower says so!

    GB member David Splane has said that The Watchtower (or Bible Students, now called JWs) were chosen because they were sincere people!

    It is interesting to note that 1919 is the year that "Judge" Rutherford was released from prison.


    Hitler was sincere...that doesnt make him right.

  • DarioKehl

    None what-so-ever! Unless you browse the Daniel book. It mentions 1919 in almost every paragraph. I remember, before realizing it's ALL BS, leaning to the brother next to me and saying, "What...is 1914 a thing of the past now?" and he chuckled.

  • MeanMrMustard

    This is why 1914 is so important. Their "proof" for 1919 is 1914 and the subsequent "captivity", which they connect to all sorts of scriptures that have nothing to do with it. To the WT, the Kingdom was set up in 1914. Jesus needed to pick his earthly representatives at that point. He picked the WT because, well, they were lesser of all the evils. It seems that they were "sincere" and "on the watch", so they were it! But they were filthy with Babylonian-the-Great-like practices. As the WT says:

    *** w55 5/1 p. 266 Part 9—Postwar Revival of the Witnesses ***

    For example, up to and including their 1918 troubles these witnesses of the Most High God still trusted excessively in so-called “character development,” indulged in considerable creature worship, accepted earthly political governments as the “superior authorities” ordained of God (Rom. 13:1, NW), and thus were held in fear of man, particularly civil rulers. Also they celebrated some pagan holidays, such as Christmas, they used the symbol of the cross as a sign of Christian devotion, the name of Jehovah they had in the background, and organizationally they continued to practice the democratic style of local congregational government.

    So Jesus sends them off into a Babylonian-like captivity for year. This is why the leadership was sent to prison. It wasn't Satan. It was Jesus... he was "refining" them. They emerge in 1919 all cleansed and ready to serve! Well, not really cleansed... I guess you can say they were "cleansed".. since they still used the cross and celebrated Christmas into the late 1920s.... In any case, if you loose 1914, you loose 1918... and 1919... And of course, you loose 1914 if 607 turns out to be false... or any of the other speculations in between 607 and 1914, like the year-day "principle".... *shrugs*... Its a mess....
  • wobble

    This is the religion's Achilles Heel. There is no evidence for, zilch, sod-all.

    There is plenty of evidence against. A metric ton or three.

    The problem is, their cult controlled minds will not consider the question ! They do not look at the evidence, or think about it, as an Elder said to me on the subject "I am happy that there is enough evidence" There was no way he was going to look for that evidence , or examine the evidence.

    I have thought of putting it another way, and asking :

    "Can you explain to me why Jesus did not choose the Christadelphians in 1919 ?" (I am not advocating the CD's, they are as deluded as any religion)

    I know the JW's will pick on something the Christadelphians believe in now that JW's don't now, but present JW beliefs are not relevant, it's1919 we are talking about. Stick to that, if you get a chance to pose the question.

    The C'Delphs. taught then what they teach now and have since the late 1800's,no need for constant "Noo Lite" for them, and it ain't much different from modern JW think. The CD's were Conscientious Objectors , proper ones, from the time of the Civil War, Rutherfords lot were very weak on this.

    They were a better established and larger group in 1919 than Rutherford and gang.

    So, why did Jesus not choose them ?

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