Feb.20 WT Study: "Reap Blessings Through God's Spirit-Guided King!

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    During the brain-numbing lesson this week, I looked ahead at the article for next week. It's hard to get past the title alone:

    Reap Blessings Through God's Spirit-Guided King!

    "Spirit-Guided"? Really? Jesus is no better than the "Spirit Guided" Governing Body that manage to make embarassing false predictions? Why are they dumbing down Jesus to the same level as the earthly GB? Why didn't they use "Anointed", "Spirit Anointed", "Perfect", or any other expression that would make Jesus more reliable than the ever-changing "Spirit Guided Misguided" Watchtower teachings? I don't recall that they have ever used the expression, "God's Spirit-Guided King". It certainly isn't in the Bible. Is this "new light"? And with an exclamation point on the end, this must really be exciting!

    The title wording is clumsy in a Jaraczesque sort of way. Since this article is based on the PT of the 2008/9 DC, it would have been originally "crafted" by the Teaching Committee, where TJ was the most ego-forward, technology-backward of the bunch. Teddy had a unique talent for insisting on verbose, clumsily-worded titles that often had little to do with the actual material.

    Perhaps I'm critical of wording, but even the possessive phrase "God's king" isn't used in the Bible. The phrase "Jehovah's king" isn't in the NWT either. Those last words of the title just aren't "right". And what does "Reap Blessings Through" mean? That combination of words didn't come up with any other occurances in WTLib. The combination of words really makes no sense. The article doesn't explain what that is supposed to mean, really. Much like a boring PT, it's the usual "Satan's world is doomed", "Jesus is qualified and empowered", but the last heading is "Through Christ, Bless Yourself!" (Yes, also with an exclamation point. Aren't you excited!?!) Sorry, Christ isn't blessing you, you have to bless yourself! How happifying! And what is that blessing? ... Yes, they include the Governing Body as an important part of that blessing! And everyone will be judged based on their attitude toward the GB!

    I thought the fact that there really are no blessings to reap was effectively expressed in today's lesson, para. 15:

    "Our task is not simply to tell people that if they turn to God, he will help them with all their problems and they will feel better."

    So, the task must be to tell people that if they turn to God, he will not help them with any of their problems and they will feel worse. Wow, those are some "blessings" right there for the reaping.

  • tec

    It just sounds like a way to put themselves into the seat of Christ - since they call themselves 'spirit-guided.'


  • clarity


    I admire your ability to take the nonsense of the watchtower apart, and expose it line by line. My disecting abilities have not yet been sharpened. So thank you for doing it, otherwise these points would go right over my head! lol ..even tho I know as I read it, it doesn't sound right.


  • thetrueone

    So now they are self describing themselves as spiritual kings are they ...what next

    Its called diverse marketing.

    Ooow..... thats sounds appealing lets use this, are other stuff is getting a bit stale and old.

    It seems like the WTS. markets itself differently with every new oncoming generation (no pun attended)

    This will stir public interest, we have to work harder now with that bloody inter-net openly exposing us like it does.

    I know, will make a video about are selfs on how we have been preaching "The Truth" for over 100 years and release

    it for sale (wink wink ) at this summer District Conventions, we shouldn't mention though that we have only acquired

    7 million followers in all that time, that wouldn't be of any real help.

  • potleg

    The Witnesses (and who ever is guiding them) are constantly zig-zagging their way and falling down when it comes to bible prophesies and interpretations. They talk mumbo-jumbo and have been rambling on for over 100 years.

    Sounds more like the spirits leading them are Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan and the like.

  • boyzone

    As soon as I saw the title of this thread in active topics, it didn't sound right. "spirit-guided king"??? Sounds like they're trying to align themselves with Jesus again. A false Christ is what they are.

  • WTWizard

    "Through Christ, bless yourself"?

    What about "Through Satanic independent thinking, bless yourself and take full credit for it"?

  • thetrueone

    The WTS has always been about mental entrapment, hence numerous self descriptions have come out their mouths over the years.

    Religions today are in such stiff competition from one and another they come out with the most gregarious self marketing descriptions.

    They remind me of used car salesmen, with big signs on their lot telling the public we have the best cars in town.

    The car dealer across the street is always the evil disingenuous crook, but not us, we're reliable and truthful right to the core.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    That is an example of some truly Orwellian phrase-crafting, indeed!

    I guess they might counter that not all spirit beings are guided by Jehovah's magic Spirit. Da Debbil, for example. and unicorns.

  • cantleave

    In Watchtower world Jesus=Governing Body

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