How were Rutherford's Cadillacs purchased?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    This just earned a place in the Best of Rutherford

    Interested One

    If you check int he Best of Page 1 you will see a link for the The best of... Farkel

  • Snoozy

    I thought I read there were three cars...thanks!

    Nice to know I'm not senile....yet...


  • Nebeska Nada
    Nebeska Nada
    I thought I read there were three cars...thanks!

    If you look careful - you will notice that there were three different cars:

  • thetrueone

    Rutherford most likely new of the WTS. financial assets, since Russell used him as a lawyer for purchasing properties

    among other things, which puts speculation why he so ardently wanted to take over the publishing organization.

    The perceived power was there as well as the wealth, he wanted it badly and he succeeded.

    Whats also interesting about Russell and Rutherford, is once it was realized of their uplifted personal stature

    created by the WTS., these men's wifes became of little concern and value, with Russell divorcing his wife

    and Rutherford separating from his. The power and public notoriety offered by the organization became their love, desire

    and passion. One can only imagine how over extended Rutherford's ego had become where he was to give

    a headlining talk at a JW Assembly and he was driven to the stadium in one of these luxury Cadillacs, while people

    lined up to make a clear path for his arrival. There is a picture on the web of this happening, people are locked arm and arm

    making a clear path for the car to get closer to the stadium itself, similar to arrival of a President of a country would receive.

  • thetrueone

    That question about there being three Cadillacs was previously discussed and what came out of the discussion is the picture of him

    standing besides what looks like a two door is photo malformation.

    Cadillacs of that year and design were not made in a two door version.

  • thetrueone

    Actually with some research on the web I found out that Cadillac did make a two door coupe and this picture does

    look like the car that Rutherford is standing beside, notice the bulging rear fender that is prominently different than the four door

    sedan. So that leaves the question that maybe he did own 3 Cadillacs.

    The garage at Beth Sarim was a two car garage.......ummmm ?

  • TD

    As you noted, the 1930 V16 series 452 came in a two door coupe version. This is an official GM picture:

    The pictures I've posted were not three Cadillacs, as the first one is definitely a late 20's Lincoln

  • thetrueone

    Thanks for pointing that out TD

    So it looks like he kept the Cadillacs in San Diego, which would make better sense

    for he most likely didn't want the rank and file JWS to see where and what kind of luxury he was living

    when most of the JWS followers were dirt poor deep right into the Great Depression.

    You can just image what they would of thought if they walked past this brand new luxury home

    with two brand new very expensive Cadillacs sitting in the garage.

  • Farkel

    the true one,

    :The garage at Beth Sarim was a two car garage.......ummmm ?

    It has already been shown in past research that the Judge kept one of his 12 cylinder Cadillacs in New York and the other one in San Diego.


  • TD

    --Hope I'm not being too geeky of a car guy here, but I'm pretty sure both the cabiolet sedan and the convertible coupe were equipped with the V16 engine. The V12 option came out a year after the V16, in 1931.

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