Considered rebellious because I choose to think for myself

by LovelyEunie 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • cantleave

    Welcome - to our rebellious community. You are a wise one, it took me until I was 42 to see through it all.

  • LovelyEunie

    Thanks you all! @ Nice_Dream I'm glad I had the chance to make 'worldly' friends as well, they helped me stop hanging on every word that my mother reported from the KH. If I had've stayed more integrated within the WTS than I currently am ( my mom still makes me go to that wretched place, and I'm might be there in body but my spirit's surely not), I think my mental issues would be worse than they already are. My mom hates it when I lay the blame of my social anxiety and depresson on the JWs too and not just on 'worldy' people, because it's partially, actually MOSTLY, the JW's fault too.

  • MrFreeze

    LovelyEunie, that's a very moving story.

    I just hope you don't leave the JW's and then go get yourself in trouble.

    I want to have some type of freedom in my life, I want to be able to experience things I was ever allowed to experience because I was always told it's bad in God's eyes.

    It's great to have freedom to choose for yourself but the mistake many young exJWs make is taking that freedom a little bit too far, and thats when you really get into trouble. Have fun with your new found freedom but be careful at the same time.

  • LovelyEunie

    @MrFreeze I appreciate your concern, and by freedom I only meant celebrating holidays and being my true self (which is bisexual) and not have to be made to feel like the scurge of the earth because I went a minor teaching. I promise I won't do anything reckless, aside from the JW, my mom did pretty good with raising my older sister and me, you don't have to worry~

  • tec

    Welcome LovelyEunie.

    I'm glad you're thinking for yourself.


  • LotusFlower1

    Yes, I was labelled as 'the rebellious' child. Its funny, though, because I am so similar to "worldly" people & nobody in "the world" would consider me rebellious. I just wanted to be normal. Only in the cult was I considered rebellious. Seriously, if I wanted to sit in on a birthday party, or

    Oooooh & AHHhhhh at Christmas that REALLY rebellious??

  • MrFreeze

    Glad to hear that! A lot of JW's go out and get crazy as a way of getting their yayas off. Have fun!

  • potleg

    Eunie, you really are lovely. Don't listen to all that negative JW talk. There's a wonderful world outside the dark, dank, stifling Watchtower hole.

    Take your time, explore with your eyes wide open and travel well young friend.

  • LovelyEunie

    @Potleg, thanks and I will :) @Tammy: Thank you~ @MrFreeze, thanks again, I will :D Thank you all again~

  • Awen

    I'm rebellious, in the same way Jesus was towards the religious leaders of his time.

    I take great joy in visiting my local kingdom hall and giving the elders a hard time. Speaking to DFed people, not leaving when the song and prayer is finished. Most fun I've had in all my years as a JW.

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