Our Stories and Why They Matter

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  • Farkel


    :hen apologize then Simon. I will to you! I'm sorry if I took offense of the things you said to me and if I responded in kind I apologize. It was a real experience of mine where I got taken advantage of in a weak state. I don't find it funny and worthy of ridicule.

    :If you said I had stepped on your toes and was offended by it I would surely apologize to you. My story was important to me. I thought it was good to share to show how corrupt some witnesses are. You had turned it into that I was an idiot and I was asking for money. Never did I do that and you know it. I would never ask strangers here for a dime. If you could furnish the proof where I asked for money from anyone here, please do so.

    :I don't think asking for an apology is very very tiring...I think it's quite normal. You know George Costanza says "We are living in a SOCIETY HERE!" A place where common courtesy should be addressed.

    :So let's say you wont' apologize. Fine. But let's come to a deal. IF I decide to relate another personal story here can you not interject demeaning comments? That would be appreciated.

    :We were all hurt by the society and some of it's members. There is NO need to compound the error now is it? Can't we all just get along?

    My thread. Your drama.

    HIJACK alert!


  • Botzwana

    PM to Farkel...

  • Farkel

    Is she still around?

    Yes. She will torment people for as long as God permits her to live.


  • Botzwana

    Here I was sharing Farkel's pain about one's mocking his story etc. and he turns around and backstabs me like this for NO reason whatsoever. What a jerk! I am on your enemy list now.

  • beksbks

    What a challenge. Where is she? Does she like cake?

    Sorry, back to life stories. Although this is in the realm.

    I have a story.....

  • beksbks

    Oh Botz!!! That's nothing!! It's darn near affectionate coming from Farkel. You need to toughen up buddy.


    Good Evening Farkel!..

    I`ve seen you Kick Ass in Debate many times..You have always Rocked the House..


    I can`t see anyone hating you..

    (Your mom doesn`t count..LOL!!)

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • Botzwana

    Beks, Then if he is SO tough on people why does he come here to whine about people mocking his story? Hypocrisy 101...

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Perhaps you should just stay out of Farkel's threads.

    Doug. I think your story is extrmely important.

    For that matter I think mine is important too sdimply because it is mine. My hope is that people find something in there to draw strength or courage or hope from.

    My gut tells me your stories will do the same. I hope you have found a place to post them

  • pirata

    @Farkel, Speacking of stories, I'd like to read your part 2 before I die

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