Why I stopped the Bookstudy - Field Service from my home

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  • Nice_Dream

    man in black - I can't believe the conductor said it wasn't "conducive to theoctatic thinking" to take off shoes! In Canada, people are expected to take off their shoes...I don't know anyone who wears shoes in their house. Even if you go to the doctor's office in the winter, they have signs to take off your boots so the floor doesn't get yucky.

    Was it difficult getting rid of your bookstudy group? No one in my hall wanted to have it at their house, so a few groups met at the hall.

  • man in black
    man in black

    Was it difficult getting rid of your bookstudy group?

    No it really wasn't hard getting rid of it, you see Gods spirit was directing the whole thing . Several months after the carpet fiasco, one day it snowed all day, then freezing rain in the evening. This elder thought that I did not do a good enough job salting the walkway, and the BOE threatened us with moving the bs if I let the sidewalk, and walkway get bad like that again, (I got home at 6:00, shoveled, chipped ice, and salted for over an hour,, not good enough). We both looked at them and said "alright, move it then". They did not like that reply at all. next week the study was assigned to the kh basement. For the next two months the elders almost pleaded with us to have the bs back at our home. , thanks but no thanks we were done.
  • ShirleyW

    Karter and Man In Black - Thumbs up to the both of you !!

    Two JDubs (at the time) that stood up for their own beliefs and didn't back down to the theocratic bullshit !

  • maninthemiddle

    Stories like yours makes me glad that my wife and I went out of our way to help the host take care of the house.

    I don't want to be remembered as one who would treat someone that that.

    However I have heard similar stories to yours. Mostly it is kids, some I have wondered what their house must look like if that was hour they treated others.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    We offered our home for the book study after we added a nice newly carpeted rec room in the basement, also put a brand new bathroom across the hall. We posted a small sign to remove shoes, due to the winter slush and snow and because of the little ones scooting around on the floor. The same people would ask every week "do I have to take my shoes off?" "Why do I have to take my shoes off?" I had snacks once a month an no one would ever offer to bring anything. Then one day this guy came late and figured he could sneak in with his shoes on and tracked tar on all over the new carpet and said "oh sorry". Oh and even though we had a bathroom down there, some would go upstairs and I could hear them wandering all over the house. Super annoying! NMKA

  • finallysomepride

    I can remember being at the book study where everyone did remove their shoes, the small was so offensive.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    We got them to take shoes off....the Elder taking our study had his toes sticking out of his socks!!! Can't afford $3.00 for a new pair?

  • cantleave

    I liked having the BS in our home - saved another trip out. The removal of the BS arrangement, was for me one of the changes that made me think they made things up on the hoof and had no proper strategy.

  • WTWizard

    Definitely, you can track a lot of dirt and salt in the house in winter. People should remove their shoes or make sure they are wiped good before dragging things like that into the house--and, if they don't like the way it's salted because of freezing rain, why didn't they cancel the whole boasting session for bad road conditions?

    And those snacks--that is a privilege, not a right. And, making a big mess in someone else's house is a sure way to get that privilege revoked. People, especially small children, often do make pigs out of themselves. Small children are naturally messy as they don't yet have the ability to be neat. But, if the place is left trashed and the people responsible do not clean it up, they should stop those refreshments.

    Worse, when people (and not always children) go wandering through the whole house without permission from the owner. Usually, the path leading to and from the study area (and the study area itself) is where people should be. If they are not specifically invited elsewhere, they should stay within those areas. Usually, this includes the bathroom--but, if people go and waste toilet paper or make and leave a mess (and that can just as easily be a soap mess in the sink as the other kind of mess), that shows they do not appreciate the householder. Not to mention things that turn up missing, or that end up getting busted, because someone was where they were not supposed to be.

    Good thing I never had a book study group. Between dirt tracked in, people wandering around (and as often as not, snooping) everywhere throughout the house, things getting busted up, the occasional boy that pees in his pants (or worse, right on the floor), people making food messes, and not being able to get them out when they are supposed to, it is not worth it. Not to mention, if I have one small problem (such as something that resembles a "pagan" symbol, a "bad" record, or nice things that could be taken for materialism rather than I am sick of replacing crap all the time), the hounders would be down my throat about it.

  • designs

    You need to change the location of Armageddon Bombshelters because you know who is watching....

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