Call me paranoid, but its possible that this 30 hour initiative is a weeding out process....a cull if you will...

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  • bobld

    It is a loving provision form Jehovah(GB).A few years ago they encouraged you to simipfy your life by selling your house quit your full time job,get a part time job.And go in the ministry full time.Why because the end was sooooooooooooooooo near.Are you not happy the the end didn't come because look 294k came into the cult.

    Now why would they cut down on the hours when the harvest is great and the time left is reduced.They always refer to a harvest.When it comes to harvest time does the farmer start out working 16 hours a day(120hrs/per month/per pub) and gradually work 4 hours per day(30hrs/per month/pub)or does the farmer increase his time to complete the harvest.

    Like I said J.W. are followers of the GB what they say it is a P for G.


  • TheLoveDoctor

    i laughed my ass of reading this and enjoyed oulaws pics

  • respectful_observer


    I had to laugh at your “side note”. I’ve always found it remarkable how people love to introduce themselves or others with their “spiritual resume”:

    “Hi, I’m R_O, nice to meet you. Where are you from?”

    “I’m Br/Sr. Spiritual. I’m a Pioneer in the Metropolis South Congregation.”

    It drives my friends and me bananas when people do that. What makes it all the more ridiculous is that it’s often Pioneers that end up in the most scandalous situations. (“…and they were a FULL TIME PIONEER the whole time!! Can you believe it??” … “Why, yes. Yes I can.”)

    “Pioneer”….the only title in the entire organization that allows you to do exactly the same thing that anyone else in the congregation can do if they want.


  • jookbeard

    I believe that it could have the reserve effect on a worn down,worn out workforce that is the R&F Dubs world wide, we are living in the worst economic conditions world wide in a generation, this ridiculous initiative is just a sales call from desperate regional sales managers trying to squeeze even more out of their workforce, the R&F might not take this squeezing very well and may throw in the towel on a level unprecedented, the GB are so out of touch with reality it beggars belief.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    This is totally what I thought myself. In my hall even though I am not going to the meetings, I am still hearing the talk about it. Everyone is supposed to be all excited and ready to go.

    I truly think it will be a dividing work going on in the hall. The older pioneer sister I talked to the other day could not stop saying what 'a blessing from Jehovah it was, how kind of Him to lighten our load as the end of this system is so close.'

    She asked me what I thought and I told her what she wanted to hear and that was there was no reason anyone could not pioneer. There are five weekends and it is only 7 and 1/2 hours a week which is even less with the five weekends. She was so happy to hear me say that, yes it truly was a blessing from Jehovah she is saying. OMG I just want to scream. There are ten reg pioneers in the hall and three aux pioneers and none of them have brought in one person in the last eight years that I have been in the hall. So why the excitement of this new hours, what good will it do. Zero growth is still zero growth. Makes my head hurt.

    undercover is right on where he said (I've heard of a lot of dubs that have never pioneered before, regular or aux. that are going to give a go this April. They're all giddy with Jehovah's spirit... )

    That is what I have seen in the week that this letter has been out.

    Ynot I have a question for you. Are you still going to the meetings? I guess I have not totally heard you story. Are you really going to pioneer in April or joking? Just wondering. I am so amazed at you and what you have done my hat goes off to all of your wonderful and hard work on this board.'


  • sd-7

    This is not a weeding-out process. It's an effort to, as the Wonder Pets wisely put it, "Squeeze the bottom, and they pop out the top!" Regular publishers who are generally doing well in the ministry might say, wow, that's really not that much more effort, 30 hours. I could do that! More than likely, seeing more pioneers will motivate more people to pioneer themselves. A little positive peer pressure goes a long way.

    I do actually consider it to be rather generous to offer this kind of thing. In that Mr. Ames-got-replaced-by-a-somewhat-nicer-overseer kind of way.

    If they want to weed people out, they raise the bar, not lower it. It's clearly a business decision. A trial run. If more people respond, it is at least possible that it will become either a yearly Memorial season protocol or a permanent fixture. It's actually quite clever.

    Of course, I do expect there will be significantly more pressure on elders and ministerial servants to engage in at least the 30-hour auxiliary pioneering if this becomes a permanent fixture. But without further direct, in-print guidelines, the powers that be couldn't take any action against the local Thought Police who are maintaining the national average, maintaining fine conduct, and otherwise fulfilling their duties.


  • tia.dalma

    Most of the things you say about brothers and sisters are true, unfortunatelly... many do things not for Jehovah, but because it's a way of becoming "somebody" in other people's eyes.

    But I don't see this change as a potential "marking" of people who don't want to pioneer. I think it's a good thing if this becomes permanent, and there is more than one reason for it: first, people who always wanted to do more but don't find time for 50 hours, can now pioneer - because the truth is, if you don't make a comittment about how much time to spend preaching, you are more inclined to stay in front of tv or computer than go preaching, but if you know you have to fulfill your promise you organise your time so that you can do this.

    Second , those pioneers who now think they are "somebody", an incredible special and spiritual person, will probably fell more normal, if they see that 50% or 30% of the congregation is like them.

    Third, those who pioneer will have more time to studdy, and in case they do this for the wrong motives or in case they think highly of themselves, by studying more, they can get the right motivation and the right view of themselves.

    I know theese are good case scenarios and that it can also turn into the situation you described... in this case, If I would not want to pioneer and if they would ask me why I don't pioneer, I'd complain to everyone how bussy I am and that my work barely lets me any free time, etc.... They'll understand and even feel sympathy for you and blame this system of things and satan for the fact that you can't find time to pioneer even if you want this very much..... so don't worry about this being a marking thing... it won't happen, not on a long run. Even if this arrangement would be permanent, in the first month there will be a lot of witnesses who will be pioneers, and in time there will be less and less, even with 30 hours. At least, that is what I think. But we'll see...

  • tia.dalma

    PS : Sorry if I made any language mistakes... english is not my first language

  • miseryloveselders

    Your post was fine Tia.Dalma. Welcome to the forum too. From your post, I get the feeling you're not exactly anti-JW, or anti-WT, but you're also reasonable enought to see the other side of the coin. I can appreciate that, and I'm glad you're here. Again, welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  • jookbeard

    very well put Tia

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