I am so F******G angry today

by Aussie Oz 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • cyberjesus

    yeah F em, go kick some bottles and take it out on them

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    My kids constantly do stuff that I don't agree with.

    I don't own them.

    If they want to learn from their mistakes, rather than mine, there is nothing I can do about it except make sure my tap drips and be patient.

  • leavingwt

    (((((((((((((( Aussie Oz )))))))))))))))

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    thanks all...

    i need to chill!

    what will be will be in the end, you guys are right, they will make mistakes and one of them might be ignoring all the reasons not to get dunked into the JWs...

    and i will be there to pick them up when they fall, if they fall.

    after 5 hours of shovelling dirt and rocks i have concluded that

    1. I am going to have a long no nonsense talk with them both. nothing to lose, i seldom see the boy as it is.

    2. I am going to print out and have them read my reasonings as well. My daughter likes to read.

    I cannot stand to see them heading into the JW life being too un focused enough to ask me questions. They know full well i do not think it is the truth, they know some of why, i now feel it is time for the whole lot. I can't give it up, not yet. Their young lives are far to valuable for me to have a dummy spit and drop it all. When you know its all a sham, you have to do what you can dont you? If after i give it my best shot, they still become JWs and even shun me, i will have done all i could and i will hope when the walls come crashing down i am still around to help them.


  • Hadit

    I'm sorry you are having a hard time. Kids are the hardest part of this whole religion bit. I can empathize with you. I'm at a loss with my son right now. Like you said we can only do what we can and be there for them no matter what they decide. I could have used some shovelling of rocks today too! It helps work of the angry energy. As it was I went for a walk and cried the whole way - great scene for the passersby.

    Sending hugs from BC!


  • brotherdan

    Aussie Oz - I am so glad that there are Fathers like you out there. You care... There are a lot of Fathers that cannot claim as much. You have some beautiful kids and they deserve to be fought over.

    Get them back! You can do it!

  • Joliette

    Aussie: Sorry that your going through what your are going through.

  • nugget

    Aussie my dad had to wait 40 years for me to see sense. What you say and do is never wasted effort they will remember that you fought for them and that you tried your best.

    You do not know when something you say or do will light the spark or when something that someone does to them in the name of religion will make them start to question things. Trust me at some point things will go belly up in their lives and you will be their life line.

  • minimus

    Watch the Australian Open. You'll feel better!

  • cantleave

    Hang in there dude, It's tough but the struggle will be worth it.

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