My First Post on JWN- Hello!

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  • WontLeave

    so I can develop a skill that isn't available to me in the secular world

    You're trying to learn how to brainwash people into submission to a cult? You're trying to learn how to suppress your thoughts and brainwash yourself, ala 1984? You're trying to learn how to stand in front of a room of slack-jawed retards and regurgitate tripe from literature written on a 4th-grade reading level? You're trying to learn how to knock on people's doors and present a bait-and-switch message of Bible education then give them Watchtower dogma instead?

    If you want some insight on how to start a cult or run some other sort of con, this might be one way to go. But you're going to have to deal with a bunch of sociopaths and busybodies who will be scrutinizing you constantly for something to complain about. If you're not in it 100% and drinking the Kool-Aid or willing to constantly live a lie around them, you're going to be miserable.

    If you're going to be there anyway, you might as well grab a girl. While they're not as slutty as most women (better odds of no STDs and no kids), they're not the prudes (at least in my experience) that they pretend to be. Because of the lack of JW men, you can marry up and she might be nice and 'submissive', if she's been indoctrinated enough.

  • AudeSapere

    It will be interesting to see what skill you are looking to acquire.

    But for the life of me I cannot think what skill that may be.

    Public Speaking = Toastmasters; Dale Carnegie; Community College

    Door-to-door Sales = Various Sales Companies; Political Campaign Volunteer

    Submission = Bondage/S&M Club; Date a Shrew

    Headship = Bondage/S&M Club; Date a Doormat

    Hall Cleaning = Janitorial Service

    Stay awake during mind-numbing talks = Local poetry readings

    Seriously. I cannot think of what skill that could possibly be that you could not get from any number of volunteer organizations in your area.

    I look forward to hearing more about the plan.


  • AudeSapere
  • avengers

    I'll be returning to the organization this spring

    What are you? Dumb or dumber?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm bewildered too. After nearly 60 years of contact with this cult, I cannot think of a single (honest) skill that isn't available elsewhere.



  • elm

    Hi and welcome,

    So you are going back for about a year to develop a skill that isnt available in the secular world.

    Are you a sale's person? and you need to know how to sell an idea or product, and that idea is crap and the product is a lie.

    Then your going to the right place because the GB are the only ones who have perfected this skill over 130 years to over 7 millon JW'S.

  • nugget

    Welcome to the board. I am curious what possible skill can they offer that is not available anywhere else? I can only hope you are an undercover journalist wanting to do an expose otherwise they have nothing.

  • Philadelphia Ponos
    Philadelphia Ponos

    Lol! Some very interesting comments. I think it's safe to say my experience with this organization wasn't as bad as most on here. I see I need to add some much needed clarity. It's not so much that the skill I'm looking to perfect isn't available in the secular world, it's just not possible to do where I live. I've been studying a language for a few years that very few people speak in the United States and virtually no one speaks in the Philadelphia area. I've recently found out however that once a year JWs have a convention in this language close to where I live. I plan on attending this convention to meet some 'friends' I can speak to on a regular basis, and maybe have someone to visit in the country of this particular language. The convention is usually in late Spring or early Summer so some time in the Spring I'll attend a local English congregation to get back in JW mode so I wont' raise any red flags at the convention or while having any contact with people I meet there.

  • wobble

    Just remeber, being in "Deep Cover" is a skill, don't let Stockholm Syndrome set in , and get sucked back in.

    You could have lots of fun though, planting little seeds, like encouraging these people to improve their English language skills by researching on the Internet about their religion, they could start gently with Wiki perhaps, then eventually come here !

  • finallysomepride

    Welcome to the board

    Plz listen carefully to all those telling you not to return.

    I'll just say this in Red's words "Don't be a dumb ass"

    just kidding

    but hey do listen

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