I'm so very saddened right now

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  • sooner7nc

    This is in just the past few minutes.

    No, it's not true at all...you were baptized, right? you obviously don't believe their teachings anymore and were u df'd? the only way you would be is if you actively went teaching against it, like the real apostates do; like that freaky looking guy you now call 'brother'.
    I'm not completely surprised because you never applied yourself when you went, you hardly even went through the motions and i never saw any evidence of you reading in depth...there are countless 1,000's of people who grew up around the truth but never made it their own and they went there way and arn't DF'd....but very few side with apostates; at least they have that much sense.

    January 19 at 7:22pm

    J***, I didn't believe it when I got baptized. It made absolutely no sense to me but I kept it hidden very deep inside me. What could I do? I was a weak kid with no self esteem whose only real friends were JW's. Well, I'm not a weak kid anymore and I finally got the courage to think for myself. My son won't have to grow up in the shit that I did.

    "I'm not completely surprised because you never applied yourself when you went, you hardly even went through the motions and i never saw any evidence of you reading in depth"
    What, reading a Watchtower? Reading the Yearbook? That's laughable really.
    I've read the Bible and the JW's interpretation of "Faith without works is dead" isn't worth a plug nickel.

    Goodbye J***

  • yknot

    Can I talk to him?

  • leavingwt

    Sooner: Sorry about this.

    I've been there. Just tell him that you wish him the best and move on. There is nothing to gain by putting yourself through this. Thought Reform is the problem, not facts.

  • A.Fenderson

    Wow, that sucks. I'm sorry this is happening with your friend.

    Maybe one day he'll see the org for what it is, and come around himself.

    Meanwhile, we apostates are happy to have you here with us.

    Also, PM sent.

  • moshe

    You get bonus loyalty points in the KH by shunning friends and family who depart from the "truth" and telling everyone in the KH what you did. It's a way for a JW to get some cheap status among the brothers.

  • sooner7nc

    And again...

    You don't get the final word here boy....yet
    It's all in the Bible, the other stuff is helpful but it's alll in the Bible...you forget i grew up neck-deep in the world in another religion altogether and just being exposed occasionally to the JW stuff through Grandma...i studied Mormon crap growing up and delved into Eastern philosophies later and went to college and studied evolution...nothing made more concrete sense than what JW's taught and it also gave HOPE to boot.
    You on the other hand grew up around a bunch of people with hee-haw sensibilities and i could see it being really hard to get a real grasp on what the real deal was/what made the truth the TRUTH...it's quite common for kids to rebel against the truth for a time then many come back after discovering the alternatives arn't what they're cracked up to be...but i don't think you ever got it in the first place...maybe you did a little....
    Let me ask you something; do you live in fear of an all out nuclear war turning this place into a cinder? It very well could happen, right....but will it? What comes to mind when you consider that?

    J***, for your sake I think this conversation needs to come to an end. Those people with the hee-haw sensibilities are very dear to me and I won't have you speaking ill of them.
    Bye J***

  • sooner7nc

    fenderson, you got a PM

  • sooner7nc

    Funny thing about this is the fact that this guy hasn't did anything about the "Troof" in quite a long time.

  • Gerard

    Hang in there. You can only live your life.

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Tough one.

    Shake the dust out of your sandals and move on. Time is going to move on, no matter what happens. Make a success of your life, and that will be all the vindication you will ever need.

    All the best.

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