*Seriously* Considering A Billboard Ad?

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  • Palimpsest

    A thought, for what it's worth:

    There's an understanding in social psychology that, when a group feels threatened or attacked by outsiders, that fear pushes them deeper in. To JWs, seeing public attacks against them fulfills End Times prophecy, which in turn makes the JW platform seem more credible. They were told this would happen, and -- hey, look, it is! The GB must be right!

    If you look at some more dramatic examples -- Jonestown, Branch Davidians, FLDS, and so on -- it's all of that criticism over time that makes the groups stronger and more isolated. It's a great tactic for keeping people in.

    So if the goal is to get active JWs to reconsider, is it more likely that it will backfire? And if the goal is to educate others, is it worth the risks? Those are some questions to ask.

  • sir82

    What exactly is your goal here? Who is your target audience?

    The JW population at large? The vast majority will view it as "persecution" and as the poster above indicates, strenghten the "us against them" mentality.

    The world at large? Other than JWs or ex-JWs or those with a JW spouse (less than 1% of the population), no one gives the JWs more than 5 seconds of thought a year. For 99+% of the population, it's a complete and utter non issue. "Look ma, sumbuddy's complainin' about them Jehovah's again." "Huh. How about that. Hey look, there's a Cracker Barrel at the next exit."

    JWs who feel trapped and want to escape? The ones who have access to the internet have very likely figured out which sites to visit. Those who don't visit such sites because of fear of being caught are not likely to be shaken from that belief by a random billboard along the interstate.

    Don't mean to rain on your parade, do what you like, just don't expect miracles.

    I like LWT's idea - ex-JW websites (good ones anyway) likely are far more effective at getting the fence-sitters out.

  • LV101

    Palimpsest: i agree w/the psychology. it's difficult knowing many are afraid of satan jumping thru their computer to learn the truth (all the ones i know, anyway) and shoving info down their throats on interstates to make them think just might not be the way to go. i know hearing about apostates at convention time certainly intrigued me when i attended. i wanted to hear what they had to say but couldn't because so many people were around watching.

    sir82 --- so true. one of the world's most promoted magazine cos. yet such a tiny, insignificant, religion unless one been associated with/affected by.


  • dgp
    It's nearly impossible to extract people from high-control groups. However, preventing them from ever joining is not that difficult. So, if a billboard were used, the target audience would be people who think JWs are just another harmless religion.

    I agree with this, posted by Leaving WT. I also believe that public relations are essential to any group which intends to grow. I very much understand why the people on this board prefer targetting current or former JW's, but I think you should not forget about worldlies.

    If no one had ever dared to bring cases of child abuse by priests to the public fore, would anything have changed?

  • MeanMrMustard

    Great idea. I would love to see this happen. News coverage would be good too. I wonder if there is any billboard space near the WT headquarters...


  • streets76

    Let it be.

  • laverite

    Thanks, everyone, for the comments and feedback. I was off of the internet yesterday and the rest of the week is busy too. So when I sift through all the comments, I look forward to reevaluating my thoughts on a billboard. Doing a billboard is something that really interested me due to the other campaigns that we've seen. I am not expecting a major influence or any kind of earth shaking outcome. I mainly am currently thinking about an ad that would encourage former JWs to seek out webs support. Others would see this too, and perhaps learn a new thing or two. My goals are rather humble. Again, not expecting to change the world...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'd like to have one posted near local Kingdom Halls:

    "Ever wonder where your life is really going?"



    "You're not the only one with doubts"


    Heck, we could probably get a lot of local churches to put the jwfacts one up on their changable letterboard signs for FREE!

    As many people have said, the message depends on the audience, and the JW audience will be a tough nut to crack. But there's no harm in trying. I read all the time on here about how hard it is to get people out of the Borg but all of US HAVE ESCAPED mentally and many of us physically, too.

    I frankly don't care if the die-hards view it as the prophesied persecution if it helps just one person discover freedom.

    Then again, a more productive use of funds is probably in signs that protect and educate the public about the cult. I just tend to have a soft spot for the victims still in.

  • AndersonsInfo

    I respect the opinions of others who have posted on this thread and I hope my opinion will be respected. I'm all for trying out billboards to see the reaction, not from JWs, but "from the man/woman on the street or in the car." These billboards are meant to inform the public about a human rights injustice, not to help Witnesses out of the cult. I've been asking some of my friends and close associates about the billboard idea and all the replies were in favor.


  • AndersonsInfo

    Mad Sweeney: YOU HAVE A PM

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