*Seriously* Considering A Billboard Ad?

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  • DT

    I think this is a great idea.

    I think it would be interesting to have a billboard that says something like, "Did you know that Jehovah's Witnesses have a do not call list?" and then list a website with a simple url like jwfacts.com.

    I think this is one issue that affects nearly everyone because most find it irritating to be woken up or bothered on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, most people don't care about the internal beliefs or practices of Jehovah's Witnesses, but they might show some interest if they can just learn how to get them to stop knocking on their doors.

    I don't think that message is hateful or libelous in any way. Some will go to the website and learn more. They might even give reasons for asking to be put on the do not call list. This can really have a powerful effect on the visiting Witnesses. Having to keep track of do not calls can also make the task of witnessing less efficient and more discouraging, in my experience.

    If you wanted to be more aggressive, you could say something like, "Is there a pedophile knocking on your door? Learn what you can do about it." and then provide an appropriate url.

  • Prov1320

    DT, those are great marketing ideas. I agree that the key here is to have a message that will trigger the highest response and "call to action" (i.e. going to a web site).

  • the-illuminator81

    Run with pedophiles knocking on doors, people will remember that when they get home.

  • wobble

    I think it is a great idea too ! so much goes in subliminally from a bill-board ad.

    I do think the message needs to be succinct, as drivers do not have long to assimilate what is being said.

    "The JW at your door -HARMLESS ?" something along those lines plus the website of your choice, I suppose too you could subtly change the message each month.

    Please let us know on here your final ideas,and what the lawyers say, we could maybe do something here in the U.K, as in the U.S Dubs here do not get enough bad exposure, and people just think they are irritating nutters, which they are, but they are dangerous too.

  • cyberjesus

    What do you want to achieve?

  • nugget

    bullying in the name of religion and we allow it to happen why?

  • bohm

    I think its a great idea. We should measure the increase in traffic on the site you link through by google analytics to see if there are any trends involving the region the add is posted in.

    Even if it had no effect, it would be so cool if the arch-enemy of the watchtower was a gay professor!

  • TJ Curioso
  • LV101

    REMEMBER --- BAD NEWS SELLS (this would be truthful, bad news) and we could certainly test it.


  • heathen

    I think it sounds like a silly idea . let's just take the money and party down at an A fest or something . woooohoooo

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