Facebook: Local Ruling By Elders in Nearby Congregation

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  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    So they went from telling us to Burn Our Zeppelin Beatle Stones Beach Boys ect ect...1977-1989.........

    Now it's Burn Your Facebook Page ............ LOL 2009-??????

  • pirata
    @MeanMrMustard: Wow. I currently have three elders as facebook friends right now.

    The application of the counsel can be inconsistent. In my area it is considered fine if the Elder uses facebook for business purposes.

  • yourmomma

    sorry guys, i think the book of Jaracz is spurious. ;)

  • sherah
    MF31 - the website Ringo became popular in Mississippi

    I remember this site, it was very popular in my area as well. Ringo, Myspace and a still fledgling Facebook were specifically mentioned by name at an assembly as being questionable entertainment.

  • WontLeave

    I personally know those who have been directly told not to have online social networking accounts in various halls. I've experienced gasps of disapproval in a new hall for having them, myself. This is hall-by-hall and very inconsistently enforced even within the halls where it's banned. Elders don't police each other (or their kids) as cops don't write each other tickets. When arbitrary rules are made up for arbitrary reasons, it's not very astonishing to see them enforced arbitrarily.

    Generally, old people who are totally out of touch fear and don't understand anything new. And what are elders? Very out-of-touch people who have grown old and more out of touch. Also, jealous, broke losers hate other people (especially if they're younger) having things they can't afford. So, show a loser in a cheap suit who never went to college and works part time for a greedy JW who won't pay anything (because he's "putting the kingdom first") a 10-year-old with a computer, blackberry, X-Box, TV, and stereo in his room and that old, uneducated, barely-employable moron is going to find everything wrong with it he can possibly come up with. Now, give that angry, jealous, unfulfilled, bitter, broke, ignorant 5-alarm screw-up some authority over other people...

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