In your hall, how many converted to a JW from door to door in the last 10 years?

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  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    In mine that would be a big fat ZERO.

    There have been a handful of teenage baptisms of JW children.

    One that really was a foreign language group transfer.

    But in the last ten years - there has not been one single convert from the D2D ministry.

    BTW - my congregation has had over 10 pioneers (real ones that actually do D2D, including elders) for the last decade.

    Not one. 10 x 70 hours a month x 120 months = 84,000 hours ... results = 0.

    Also most of our pioneers are pretty good at the door - some half way decent teachers. One is sub CO and another often is called to teach ... wait for it ... pioneer school!!!

    The 84,000 does not include all the aux pioneers and other publishers - many of whom do way more than the average.

    Again, that's 10 years - 84,000 hours - 0 results. Good teachers too - what does that say about the product?

  • Joliette

    Excellent point!

  • garyneal

    I remember asking if they could use TV or radio to get the message out and why don't they.

    My wife compares what they do to what you are suppose to do for a boss. I say, well if I were a boss, one thing I would be concerned about are the results. So, for all this work they do, they today only have 0.1% of the whole world's population in their ranks. Pretty dismal if you ask me.

  • DeeDubs

    I have a several year gap in meeting attendance, but my orginal cong has split 2x since then, so I would say significant

  • wobble

    My Congo. got to 160 or so pubs. before splitting into two Congos.

    In the ten years prior to the split I would say only two or three people came in from the door knocking.

    The rest of the "increase" came from people moving in, we were perceived as a"very liberal" congregation, so we had a huge % associated with the Congo. who did not live in the territory. They came for the social side, and because the surrounding Congos. were filled with Nazi Elders.

    The door to door work is the most ineffective way of making converts, the GB just keeps Dubs at it to keep them too busy to come on here and find the truth.

  • teel

    When I got baptized, there was a married couple being dunked with me who were D2D converts (I was not, I got pulled in by foolishly falling in love...) That was 12 years ago, since then our congo got twice as many D2D converts as your congo, just n from bethel (you know, two times zero...)

  • joeblow

    If I look at the congregations in the area where I grew up... the one I attended as a child, the ones friends attended (say... 5 or 6 congregations)... exactly zero people came from D2D work. Not in just a few years, but as far back as I can remember... say... mmmm.... 1975ish until today. Some were small rural congregations, others larger city congregations... Congs grew from people moving in... others shrunk from people moving out. Almost all are "lifers" who were born-in. The young people attending are all raised as JWs. The old people who've been there forever are the only ones I know who were brought in from D2D work... Loads of pioneers putting in the hours every month... not even getting any studies. In my "home" congregation, the only studies reported were with family members. Basically fake studies to boost numbers.

  • dozy

    No-one here either - just the very occasional reactivated drifted away family member who kind of slots into the social scene without really doing anything (in JW terms.) I can't actually remember the last person who was contacted by a "cold call" on the D2D work and came in - it must be decades ago. A brother had a talk a few years ago on the circuit assembly program on the importance & effectiveness (?) of the D2D work & had to find someone to interview who had been contacted in this way - after a lot of desperate phone calls & emails around the circuit he eventually had to use a couple who came in about 20 years ago ( and even their experience was airbrushed as they actually had relatives who were JWs. )

    We had a very diligent hard working young pioneer couple who spent about ten years in the congregation. They were the genuine hard working pioneer types who really went on first call for hours , refused to take coffee breaks & worked hard to start studies & follow up any kind of interest. I felt really sorry for them as they never had anyone progress to baptism despite huge efforts.

    Sadly as I've come to realise , the purpose of the H-H work isn't to "bring people into the truth". It is just primarily as an outlet to distribute the societies literature and as a make-work scheme to give the impression of doing "Christian works" and as an evaluation of "spirituality".

  • Medina

    In my congregation, In ten years, only one woman was baptised after a study that she begun thanks to D2D.

    (Its a Bethel Congo, think about it!)

  • clearpoison

    a half, this person has been going to all meetings faithfully for years. Not however been progressing to unbaptised publisher or towards baptism. There is no end with studybooks for this person.


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