Does The "Active Bethelite Sixscreens" Thread Help You Recognize The Watchtower Organization Is "Spying" On You?

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  • minimus

    Let me state that these sensational types of threads are counter-productive, in my humble opinion. The whole "spying" thing and the cameras and secret recordings in shower stalls and toilets is NUTTY!

    Do these threads help you to see how the Organization is wrong?

    Do these threads entertain you? Do you simply ignore them when you see what they're about?

  • AudeSapere

    When they pop up I may take a glance - especially when it hits 10 pages.

    But they do not inspire me to anything but a good eye roll and heavy sigh.

    While I have no doubt that some Bethelites monitor or watch or even post here, the sensationalistic threads just make me think that the person reporting the story is a bit 'off'. I get an image of rabid, foaming apostate. Not a good image and definitely not credible.


  • minimus

    That image might come across that way but I don't see the reporter as a "rabid, foaming apostate". I see a guy who LOVES sensationalism and LOVES conspiracy theories.

  • shamus100

    Stunning announcement follows:


    Further stunning update:


    Carry on. ;D

  • wobble

    It is stuff like that the WT likes to point to as " nasty, bitter, lying Apostates making up stuff". It is grist to their mill, and sadly may put off lurkers from staying on this site and learning the truth.

    I wish koolaid man would kool it.

  • Satanus

    Some people LOVE the attention. Facts are secondary, for them.


  • minimus

    It makes legit exposers of the JWs look bad.

  • moshe

    I don't see the WT doing much spying on us- when they look across the fence at what the ex-JWs have exposed in WT-land it's bound to cause the spy some unwanted excitment and envy-- when they see how much fun we're having-

  • minimus

    Do not be misled. The Watchtower already has this pic on file.

  • koolaid-man

    We should all follow in the footsteps of MINIMUS ,after all he is the top poster on this board. Many of his posts have helped lurkers and active witnesses.......... Lets all learn from the master. The following are a good sample of the king of posts.........

    Minimus Is Wonderful!!!

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    Sex Threads & ExJWs

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    How Sexy Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10?

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    What's Your Favorite Snack Or "Goody"?

    Who Will Win The US Open?

    Who Do You Think Is HOT ???

    The Good Looking Food Thread

    What Attracts You Most About The Opposite Sex?

    I am from now on going to emulate the master........My next post will be.... What was your favorite shasta soda at the conventions?

    Then my next post gets a little more spicy............What was your favorite burrito ,and at what assemblies was it available?

    I guess I need to switch my style, lets go with what works!

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