The Phasing Out Of The Public Watchtower Magazine

by dontplaceliterature 44 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • wasblind

    Most people don't like JW's, not because they represent the most High, but because It's a cult.

  • thetrueone

    I kind of doubt it for the Watchtower and Awake have been the bread and butter for this organization for decades.

    In a sense its been the brother and sister of the door to door preaching work.

    Mind you since the WT has obtained a notable appearance in the publics eye and the WTS doesn't really want

    people know directly who is calling at their door. The directive now days is to be dismissive and slightly coy at the door

    when presenting the so called massage. It might just come to a time that the WTS would want to totally distance themselves

    in identifying who they are, since the WTS has been lying to the public about so many things for such a long time.

    Such as it is, its my assumption that they will eventually go as far as changing their name completely to distance themselves from

    the old Watchtower corporation. ( WTBS.)

    Reemerging with a new identifying name intact and of course newly presented spiritual light.

  • dontplaceliterature

    The Watchtower brand is defintely associated with that "cultish" structure. People are afraid of/disgusted by that magazine, not drawn by it.

  • therevealer

    *** w07 11/1 p. 17 "The Silver Is Mine, and the Gold Is Mine" ***
    When He who says: ‘All the gold and silver of the mountains are mine,' fails to provide necessary funds, we will understand it to be time to suspend the publication."

    they are struggling to come right out and admit that this quote has found its fulfillment "in our day" Ha!

  • dontplaceliterature

    There is no question that $$$ is the real motivating factor here....

  • zoiks

    Maybe a move towards just starting "scriptural discussions" and offering bible studies, with a sprinkling of special tracts and campaigns to keep things exciting for the Publishers...?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Ever since the voluntary donations/free literature arrangement, the donations have gone downhill. WTS knows it is the members who do the bulk of contributing for the literature. I can imagine them switching to tracts at the door and ditching the mags for an offer. I can imagine them telling the dubs they have to go to the convention to get "this-year's release" as they may discontinue the printing after the initial run of 10 million or less, then tell people it's available online. Soon after a few years of that, they would just go to online unless their convention method keeps attendance way up.

    They are about making money. I think they only have not discontinued public issues is because they don't want to panic the members with that, and the members probably still cover the cost through congregation donations.

  • thetrueone

    When you stop and consider where else would these uneducated men get to handle and control 100's of millions

    of dollars and have the personal prestige that they have obtained for themselves ?

    Worthy of noting too is the GB members who are in place now more or less have to cling to this organization as

    a potential security blanket in their advancing years.

    Even if the organization declines in financial aid and support, you can best assume cutting back on expenditures will happen.

    But lets remember folks the WTS is worth over a billion dollars ( US ) world wide, they've got a lot to live off from for a long time.

  • therevealer

    one can only imagine the frustration of, in the case of the awake, printing almost 40,000,000 copies with no descernable benefits. especially if the pubs are not sending in the donations to cover what have to be substantial costs even with the free labor.

  • thetrueone

    If any magazine that would be stopped my guess at least would be the Awake because the Watchtower has self identifying attributes.

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