WT Article on Gambling completely dishonost

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  • Prester John
    Prester John

    In the community that I grew up in, gambling was definitely a no no if you wanted a reputation as a God fearing person who lived right. This was pre lottery, so the only legitimate way to gamble was to visit the 'bookies' and bet on horse racing and sports matches. At that time such places had a 'seedy' reputation and you wouldn't want to be seen visiting them and associating with other gamblers.

    There was also the 'Pools', where you gambled on the outcome of football matches and tried to pick out a certain number that would end as score draws. My non JW dad did this every week and I often helped him to fill in the results and check how he did. I was sharing in his sin, obviously.

    But the proliferation of smartphones and gambling apps has utterly transformed that aspect of betting. Now you don't need to keep 'bad company' or be seen in public having a punt.

    This brings it's own dangers of course, but it's very hard to argue that a JW who uses his phone to place an occasional bet on a big football match is committing an act of sin.

    Btw, that tongue in cheek emoji at the start of my post is a mistake. I can't delete it for some reason.

  • smiddy3


    I think the WT attitude would be that gambling is trusting in the God of good luck and not something for good JW`s to engage in.

    It wasn`t Jehovah that gave me $ 10,600 a couple of years ago it was Keno.

    Just saying.

  • blondie
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Does that 2 buck lotto ticket come under the penny ante? I have seen people spend 20 or 30 on their lucky numbers, and if they win it goes right back into new tickets. That is a mental problem and as said people do not understand math anyway, the state lotto big one will not even buy a home like WT depicts us lowly rank n file having

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Hay. That greediness and causing harm is something they should read themselves

  • Vidiot
    OnTheWayOut - "So let me re-phrase the WT article:
    Those damned Catholics try to say that they will not make a hard-fast rule that gambling is a sin. They only say that it can become a sin if it causes one to neglect their duties. Those damned Catholics don't even use the scriptures about gambling being a sin to prove that gambling is not a sin. Watchtower knows that those scriptures don't exist, but we find plenty of scriptures that we can twist to make it seem as if the Bible says that gambling is a sin.
    The Bible doesn't always make specific rules about specific subjects, but gives room for the reader to understand what God really thinks. Don't worry about that. Those damned Catholics expect you to figure out whether your gambling is a sin or not by the way you understand what God really thinks, but here at WT we don't leave that to chance. We expect you to realize that what we say about gambling is what God really thinks. We'll avoid the direct word 'sin' so we seem to be not going beyond what is written, but c'mon people- God hates gambling. We know. Do what we say."

    For a good laugh, swap out all the "gambling" with "oral sex".


  • rickroll

    Gambling in and of itself is not an issue, but I know many people who are not able to handle it. I hunted with a guy who would go to an inidan casino and one season he dropped 18k on his Credit card. I can put 10 bucks into a slot or on dollar black jack but then its boring and I don't want to hear the noise or the crap in a casino. The people who like to gamble usually have an issue with it. I have been around gamblers and every one will tell you about the time they won big or they say they are up over all. Its BS. They remember the wins and forget the losses. They don't build casinos and pay them off in 5 years by giving people money.

  • smiddy3

    True rickroll their are many people who cant handle it (gambling ) yet their are just as many who can handle it.

    Lets put it in perspective , say I spend $50 of my weekly pay on gambling ,OK I may lose $ 50 every week ,but that`s no big deal out of my weekly wage is it ? I could waste $50 on a great many other things and get no return.

    Now lets say that $ 50 gives me a jackpot on some gambling bet I put on ,it could mean hundreds ,thousands or even millions of $$$$ in that one week .

    A win that could change my/your life ,just with an outlay of $50

    I`m not talking about problem gamblers here who have an addiction to gambling that can destroy their lives and lives of their loved ones .

    That is a different issue altogether and they need professional help if they are willing to seek it.

  • Diogenesister
    Surely investing in stocks ans shares is a form of gamnling. You put money into them in the hope that you will get a lot more back.

    Yes but that's rich man's gambling.

    Only the poor get a hard time for their meagre pleasures like fags and the lottery of a saturday

  • LV101

    Lottery's seem fun -- better odds than religion! I don't know much about gambling but the entire, beautiful, Las Vegas, strip, is built off of losers.

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