New Board members within the last 1 year.....

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  • pirata

    I joined 12/31/2009, close enough to 2010?

    A while back I, in one day, I learned more about my religion from wikipedia than I had ever known. I honestly think that if it was not for Wikipedia's fair and neutral POV articles, I might not have made my way here. I then started to google topics mentioned for which I could not find any balanced information on (ie. considers both sides of the arguments) in the Watchtower Library. Google led me here. I lurked for a while until I learned enough to lose my fear of joining and posting.

  • GrandmaJones

    I joined about four months ago, after about two weeks of lurking.

  • tec

    I joined within the last year, probably only after a few days of lurking. Had a response I wanted to give to someone else's thread, and I had to join to be able to converse :)


  • jam

    Siam; Yes the KM school, Wt, Awake and all the printed material.

    JW,s with A brain can see there is somthing wrong with their teaching.

    The average JW is totally confuse when it comes too their own belief.

    It,s great that the new ones have A source thay can go and make

    their transition from the "truth" to learning the real truth. Love it...

  • TheLoveDoctor

    its been little over 4 months for me but with all the lurking , reading it feels like a few years

  • nolongerwaiting

    NLW had read some stuff on here a couple of years ago when he started doubting the organization. I think he would pop on and off depending on whether he had something he was researching. I didn't know about this site and was too much of a good JW to ever consider looking at it. When I fell fast this past summer NLW told me about this place, so I started lurking then. It was terrifiying the first week being on here. Now, I really like it and it helps reinforce that I am making the right decision. I really don't have anything grand to ever add. NLW is pretty busy and knows most of his anti JW knowledge so I just pass him threads that I think might interest him.

    NLW's wife.....who is still too scared to get her own account

  • Scott77
    I think there has been alot of new members in the last couple of years. I have enjoyed their fresh ideas, but also appreciate the older members mature thoughts.

    I liked that too. Let me add, the generational gap was the 'game changer' Many are saying enough is enough.


  • the-illuminator81

    When I decided I really wanted out, I made an account.

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream

    I'd been a member at JWR for a while, but from reading this board felt that the members here were more friendly. I felt that the search function here was great for finding info as well, so i decided to sign up. I dont post much but i like to keep a check on what's happening here.

  • Listener
    Mad Sweeney
    I think I started posting here in November 2009, btw.

    Does that mean your join date of 2nd November, 2009 listed under your username on the right, might be accurate? ;)

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