30 hour Aux. Pio?

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  • laverite

    If I were a betting person, I'd bet the month of April will boast an amazing increase in Aux. Pioneers. I mean, what a great deal -- only 30 hours (and who couldn't get that in???), and you get to be an Aux. Pioneer for the month?!

    Who knows, maybe it's a trial run. By finding ways to boost the numbers of Aux or regular Pioneers, there is quantitative, measurable evidence to show Jehovah's blessings on his earthly organization (reinforcing the notion of Jehovah's favor and blessings). The resulting articles, attention, and excitement will surely take away some focus from existing and emerging cracks that are problematic to say the least.

    To find something positive to get excited about is a big coup these days in Watchtowerland. I mean you gotta have something to counteract and provide some kind of counter balance to the cult fatigue so many must be feeling.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    But of course, any JW's you will talk to will spin this that Jehovah Governing Body is recognising that the current hourly requirement is too much of burden for many and is being kind and understanding; it is a blessing that we should all be grateful for and us nasty apostates are just looking for anything to criticise and complain about. They wont see anything wrong with it. For some, who are already doubting, it might just be a tipping point.

  • sir82

    Yes it is a trial balloon.

    The thinking is something like this: Say 100,000 JWs in the US normally sign up for aux. pio. in April. The 1,000,000 or so who don't sign up will probably just get their usual 10 hours.

    100,000 X 50 + 1,000,000 X 10 = 15,000,000 hours.

    But now with the requirement dropped back to 30 hours, maybe they'll get a bunch more AP, maybe 300,000. The other 800,000 still get their 10 hours.

    300,000 X 30 + 800,000 X 10 = 17,000,000 hours.

    So they get more work out of the drones while simultaneously making an extra couple hundred thousand feel "special" for that month.

    It's quite a clever marketing ploy.

    I'm sure they will analyze the numbers carefully, and based on response, either keep on doing it ever spring, or make it permanent.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    confuzzled 77 I was like you were I thought that I had to get my time in. I reg pioneered when it was 90 a months and I made sure I got all 90 in. None of the other sisters did, I too hated it when it was read my name saying I was a pioneer. I begged the brothers not to mention me as I was doing only what Jehovah demanded of me.

    I look back now and feel sick. All that time I sat in a car wasting time. I never converted anyone thank goodness but all the waste of my life. I could have been working and had a better life for myself. Like I said none of the sister made their time and they were beyond rude to me. None of them would talk to me, just saying enough because they had too.

    I know most of the sister lied about their time, I so wish I had too. What a joke and a huge waste of life. What also was so upsetting was that the elders never rode the sister who did not get their time in but I got into trouble for falling asleep in service because I was beyond tired, trying to work and get 90 hours in a month.

    Jesus would never ask this of us, it he is real.


  • OnTheWayOut

    A typical aux. pioneer in the month of April.

    Monday thru Saturday: Goes out to meet the group at the hall. Wastes an hour before getting to the territory, but called a 'return visit' from the Hall on the cellphone to get the time started (even though that person did not answer most of the time.)

    S/he counts 15 to 20 hours of the 30 total that way. All that's left is getting out there and offering a tract to people or sliding it under their doormatt. Most of the weekdays, s/he goes out for 30 minutes and then spends 15 minutes getting to the coffee/donut shop for the morning break. Then s/he leaves from there to go about the day's business. Easy 30 hours.

    A full-time employee has to get the majority of it in on weekends, 7 or 8 hours on both Saturday and Sunday, unless they do a bit of 'creative' time counting on their lunchbreaks and to/from work.

    In all these cases, the productive part is zilch. I would love to hear real stories of people that actually never studied with JW's or knew them or were related to them already just showing up at the memorial because of a cold-call at their door or an invitation slid under the matt. There may be a few, but then what happened with them? They left and tried to duck the personal Bible-Study invitations that 25 people at the hall pushed on them.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Thing is, the boost only really happens significantly one time. As the Borg compares peaks from year to year, this will give 2010 a huge new peak in Aux. Pioneers, but even if they do it again next year, the peak number will be fairly flat. So listen for the Service Meeting letter this fall pumping up how wonderfully Jehovahs has blessed this arrangement with a huge peak of aux. pioneers. They may even re-hash and mention the 2008 service year peak in publishers, too.

  • WTWizard

    This has been tried in September 2008, with a permanent 35 for aux pios and 50 for regular. That fizzled. (Thanks to the apostates that they had to make liars out of.)

    If (and, that is a big "if") they reduce it to 30 for April, they will also make it where everyone must pio-sneer. Also, the month has five Saturdays. Therefore, anyone that doesn't pio-sneer is not faithful. Trouble is, April is also when a lot of yardwork (which makes the place look better) and home repair projects are done (which keep the place together). If the witlesses are wasting all their time placing wastes of paper, they are not going to get home repair work done. Then, their leaky roof will fail during a thunderstorm, a bad gutter (damaged from an ice or snow storm) will clunk the mailman in the head, and their trees will lose limbs (and possibly a UPS delivery person or two) that should have been pruned in April.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    How'd the September 2008 thing go down? I wasn't here yet and heard nothing about it.

    As for this one, the letter is to be read this Sunday after the meeting. If they're going to NOT do it, they better send out the cancellation notice SOON.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Mad Sweeney I think the September 2008 thing never happened because someone leaked it and it was all over the web, the big guys at Bethel got ticked off and aborted the whole thing from what I understand. Maybe someone knows something different. I was still going to the meetings at the time and all the pioneers knew about and were really hoping it was true.


  • garyneal

    It was read today. After the meeting, my wife asked me if this had been leaked on the Internet. I honestly did not know about this one.

    Seems you 'wicked apostates' are on top of your game.

    It was certainly obvious to me as I heard the letter being read what its intent was for. To boost numbers of pioneers. I just did not know that pioneers were regurlarly not making their hours.

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