Thousands of Muslims Form Human Shield to Protect Christian Neighbors

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  • BabaYaga

    Fark said:

    Like others, I celebrate and respect and love those who are good and decent despite what their religions teach and despite the fact that most in their religions are just the opposite.

    Hear, hear! That can be said for nearly every religion I can think of. Nearly.

  • shamus100

    I bet if people could call them what they wanted on these forums they would call them shit skins.

    And again, global labelling abounds with ex-dubbie nitwits that haven't learned rule number one about themselves and the cult.

    I, personally think that monkey kissing should again take over the thread. :D In facxt, YABADABA, kiss me darling... I'm feeling voracious, darling. ;D

  • BabaYaga

    I love it when you call me YabaDaba.

    And besides, you are most certainly NOT a MONKEY, but a bitey little baby Orangutan.

    Here... I'll throw you a kiss on a wadded napkin.


  • jwfacts

    Great story.

    Farkel, your numbers are a bit skewed. There are not 1 billion Muslims in Egypt, so the percentage of Muslims out of those that had the opportunity to form a human shield is a lot higher then what you have estimated. (But I would like the next part to your story regardless.)

  • Farkel


    The Quran is not complete without also studying Sharia law, which is considered equal to the Quran in authority. It is there you will find most of the ugly side of that religion.


  • Farkel


    :There are not 1 billion Muslims in Egypt,

    I never said there was. However, Muslims around the world certainly knew about what happened in Egypt just as they knew about what happened on 9/11/2001. In both cases, few Muslim leaders went public with their denouncement of the crimes of their members. Out of one BILLION Muslims worldwide, there are a LOT of Muslim leaders.


  • wobble

    Looking forward to your thread on the Quran Tammy, when I was a Dub I had a regular RV with muslim guy, he used to join me in drinking a beer ! so I doubt he was the strictest follower,(I loved those kind of RV's ,beer and chat) , so one day I quoted a verse to him from the Quran to quash one of his arguments, he immediately came back with what he said was a later verse which nullified mine !

    So, watch out for that.

    As to the News above, that is FANTASTIC, perhaps from such small beginnings a larger movement for tolerance and peace will grow. I do hope so.

  • doofdaddy

    I can only speak of what I know. Sharia law is not part of Indonesian Law. There were a few radicals who are attempting to force the gov via terrorism but they have recently been crushed and weeded out. All power to the peaceful

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