Assembly Day Points by a Member of the Governing Body

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  • treadnh2o

    "He then asked the audience how many have a cup of coffee every morning? Almost the whole audience raised their hand. Then he said, bros. and sis. If you can have a cup of coffee every morning, then you can read your Bible every morning."

    Yes, I drink a cup of coffe every morning, when I am driving to work. So get a job, face reality and stop freeloading of these weak minded individuals who support your false religion.

    (Sorry, those were my first thoughts, although the whole thing was annoying)

  • WTWizard

    So what about the "perfect house" catching fire? Does this mean everyone should quit buying things? What about enjoying them while you have them? Yes, things do break or get lost, stolen, or destroyed. However, that doesn't mean you can't use them in the meantime. And, there is always the chance that your house will not burn, you will not get burgled, and you will not get hit with a big storm and lose everything.

    So they are saying that nothing will change at Armageddon. What that means is that stagnation will continue right into the New Dark Ages, and infest mankind forever. It means that, if the opposite sex hates you now, they will continue hating you forever (hence, you might as well not even be in the fxxxing New Dark Ages. If you are suffering hardships now, they will continue unabated forever. Poverty will be widespread in the New Dark Ages, as will oppression from the authority.

    And we are supposed to be wasting all our time to get into THAT?

  • thetrueone

    Word for word, “Brothers and sisters if you are not doing family worship night, you will not be ready for survival at Armageddon. The Governing Body has worked hard to convey the seriousness of this arrangement. It cannot be underestimated. Now you have a choice whether or not you will listen to the counsel….but remember, you’ve been warned.”

    When you consider the fact that any member of the GB are actually the top marketing executives of this religious publishing house,

    is it any wonder he would push people to read their published literature.

    The WTS coercive tactics of using fear to get people into buying and selling their products has been on going since Russell and Rutherford days.

    READ are literature. BUY are literature, SELL are literature, has been the marketing strategy from day one of this of this elusively corrupt publishing company.

    This is a publishing business, the fronting face of it may not be so obvious to the unknowing and uninformed, but that is the reality.

    In amougst this operating business are men playing with the power of god in god's earthly kingdom.

    So when you hear a GB give a talk on how soon judgment day is, therefore all followers are instructed to step up their door to door work with

    Watchtower literature in hand, stop and think what is the motivating factor behind the words of these men.

    Critical thinking on whats going behind that curtain is where you'll find the real Truth.

  • treadnh2o

    middle age sister…very faithful. She invited them for lunch to her small and simple apartment. Now he said he knew the sister had a nervous problem….somewhat of a mental condition….like an anxiety disorder…but he never knew why and didn’t ask. Through the course of conversation, she relates that she used to have a house. And she was bent on having the perfect house. Perfect decorating…perfect furniture…everything just so. She came home one night and her entire house was engulfed in flames. She lost everything. As a result, she had a nervous breakdown and has never fully recovered.

    Call me a Cynic, but I can only imagine the REAL story being "A sister who had mental issues, lost her house with all her belongings, that was fully paid for, during the height of the Real Estate Market. After Receiving Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in insurance money, an Elder in her congreagation, recognizing her mental issues, convinced her how much Jehovah would appreciate her "sacrifice" if she donated it all to the WBTS and lived the rest of her life in a 1 bedroom apartment."

  • thetrueone

    The GB will always try and sustain the Watchtower Corporation for that is their power, their own built up personal stature and

    and their needed security ($) as those men get older.

    Trying to take away a wealthy powerful kingdom out and away from men's hands is very difficult indeed.

    They are there to stay, not go in other words.

  • designs

    Kind of gives you the Warm and wait that's a Rash

  • clarity

    Isn't it strange ... attending 'book study' was supposed to be the place we MUST go to when the big A starts, the rendavous for instructions on what to do now! Or else. They cancelled that!!

    Now in it's place is the "family worship night", what else could the cult say ...."you must do this ...or die. We warned you!!!" ha ha ha ha ha ha - idiots!

    Flipper, just rubbing the sleep from my eyes ... read your comments, eyes blurred and instead of 'Peace out', I thought I read "Watch out, Mr flipper" - what?!!


  • cantleave

    This type of scare mongering has been going on thoughout the history of the WT.

    Fear is the favourite control mechanism for those who vunerable.

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    I agree with Flipper. I fear for my family who are still Witnesses. This kind of stuff sends shivers through my spine.

    tryingtoexit: I went back and read your post from Nov '09. It was almost word for word what I just posted. Some really good comments there. I do agree with the WT on one thing though and that is that we need reminders of how incredulous their rantings are.

    thetrueone: Critical thinking on whats going behind that curtain is where you'll find
    the real Truth.

    I am still working on replacing my WT thinking with critical thinking skills. This may take a while.

  • bobld

    You said the same think in the 80's & 90's where your people sold their houses that were morgate free and went pioneering because the end was so so sooooooooooooooo close.So now they are old and crappled and have to work hard with no savings.OH YEAH YOUR BULLSHIT IS NOT FROM GOD BUT YOUR SELFISH GREED JUST LIKE MADOFF.

    Ex of ladies house burnt down well the stupid sister didn't have insurance why because the end was so close that she didn't need it she listened to your dumb counsel.

    Hugh project is wailkill where are you getting the money.Oh from all your schemes and scams of getting wills,real estate,jeweller,etc.


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