Did You Ever Fink On Another Witness?

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  • warmasasunned

    i ratted on myself, happily i was never in a position where i had caught someone in a comprimising position, sounds like fun now.

    the comprimising position i mean, not ratting on someone.

  • minimus

    A woman ratted on herself because she was pregnant and figured if she voluntarily confessed, she wouldn't be Df'd. She was 3 months along and still got DF'd.

  • sd-7

    No. I never knew anything 'fink-worthy', but even if I had, I simply didn't agree with the informant system. I felt that if we're all supposed to be Christians, it was up to the individual to turn themselves in if they'd done wrong. Either way, God would hold them accountable; also, wasn't it possible for someone to make a big mistake one time and never do it again, without the brow-beatings and shaming? If not, then the power of faith in the Christ really isn't power at all, is it?

    My wife finked on me, and herself at the same time. She got private reproof and was commenting a month later, I got DF'd, mostly because I wouldn't bow to the faithful slave and wouldn't give them the name of a worldly person I was involved with. That was a sign of being unrepentant, not divulging irrelevant information. Let me repeat that: not divulging the name of a NON-JW was a sign of being unrepentant. Does that make sense? The chairman had the nerve to bring it back up in a phone conversation later on, as if that was the deciding factor when he himself practically yelled at the other elders that he didn't want any apostates in the congregation. Naturally, I hung up on him.

    I suppose I never really forgave my wife, even though she was just doing what she thought was right. If she hadn't ratted about the apostasy, I would've been fine. Yeah, we frakked each other's brains out before marriage, let's take our lumps. But the apostasy, well...that was something else.

    It sucks. Finking, I mean. So does a lot of other stuff. But finking sucks pretty big. Trust me, I know...


  • Finally-Free

    The only people I ever finked on were elders or ministerial servants. They were constantly on my ass about stupid crap, so I got a little payback whenever I could. They had it coming if they thought they could impose a higher standard on me than they were willing to live up to themselves.


  • minimus

    FF, I think you are one cool guy. You always amuse me. You tell it like it is!

  • yellow

    I had gone to an elder with doubts that I had. Of course they were never answered but a certain sister who was overly familiar with said elder started to befriend me, telling me she was uncertain if this was the truth, asking for my viewpoints etc. I knew what she was up to. In order to be 100% certain that she was the congregation spy I told her a huge whopper. I told her that I had a confession to make, I said I was madly in love with said elder and really laid it on thick.

    A few days later said elder called me and started talking about how in the new system he would have a full head of hair, asking my age how he was a good 20 years older and to let me down gently how his best friend, next to Jehovah was his wife. I stayed calm didn`t give any reaction, and had a good laugh about it afterwards. I had successfully found out who the spy was and heard she was counselled for causing gossip.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was petrified about winning family approval. My aunt and uncle stayed neutral when I went off to college. Later, to my shock, they looked the other way at d'f'shipped offenses. My sister says they were good people. I know that with hindsight.

    My parents stayed in the Witnesses for family approval. There were double standards. I saluted the flag in elementary school b/c there was no one to tell on me. This ended with junior high school. I was roundly condemned for attended my friends' musical performance at school rather than an oh so ordinary pathetic, boring Ministry School. The snitch wasn't in my homeroom so I could salute the flag. I wondered if God was punishing me when we landed in the same high school homeroom. The war in Viet Nam was on and not saluting the flag was a political statement among many black people. I did not salute for political reasons but when the principal asked me privately, I said I was a Witness. He prob. was not convinced. Anyway, the white establishment was terrfieid of the black students after severe riots at my school. They had no problem so I had no problem.

    It is funny but also very sad. I think of those Jews who visibly conformed to the Inquisition but stayed Jews secretly. Altho I just read a historical fiction about these people as coffee traders in Holland, I don't recall the name. Authenticity is important. As Americans we have rights legally but asserting those rights is difficult on a personal level. Most people want to be liked.

  • mentallyfree31

    I squealed a few times. I got an elder deleted one time by tattle-telling. (I must say, this elder never held it against me. We were friends for many years afterwards, until I left the cult. He was reappointed after a few years.)

    I got a young person reproved another time by telling somebody else they must squeal.


  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat

    I didn't want to, but because my kids were with me, I felt I had to set an example to them and do 'the right thing' by telling the elders. I had spent the week in service with a visiting pioneer sister. After the meeting on Sunday, me and my kids decided to go for a hike. A mile into the woods to see a little known waterfall. This pioneer had met a guy some time during the week who worked for the forest service, he obviously knew about the waterfall also. We came upon the pioneer and this guy (ahem) on the trail. My teenage boys thought it was great!

    A couple of months later, the 'pregnant' pioneer, moved to our area and was married to the forest service guy. Of course, she was no longer a pioneer, not allowed to comment at meetings or go in service, which no one understood why. No one but me and my kids.... I actually became good friends with her, we never discussed it, but now I wish we had.

  • GOrwell

    I squealed on some elder's kids when I was a bright-eyed 15-16 year old. This was after my first real "party" with lots of liquor, petty gambling and other activities (groping) going on. I guess nothing really "happened," so nothing was done about anything.. ahhh, I was so naive!

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