Did You Ever Fink On Another Witness?

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  • minimus

    Did you ever tell the elders that you knew of "wrongdoing" or that you knew a certain person wasn't adhering to the rules?

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  • confuzzled777

    Yes, when I was about 18 I talked to a brother about my cousin who had moved out and was smoking. The brother acted like it was no big deal and basically told me to mind my own business. So, needless to say I never "finked" on anyone again.

    A year ago when the elders called all who were involved with the bowling event, they were asking if we felt like anyone was drunk that night or if we noticed any conduct that was unchristian. My DH and I quoted a WT that said it was NOT our place to say whether someone was drunk or not as it was not our place to judge. Others in the group were read a scripture that stated they would be held accountable for their brothers actions if they did not come forth with the truth. That was how many in the group were coerced into saying whether they felt someone was drunk. One sister said that she felt someone was drunk cuz they were giggling too much that night.

  • undercover

    Fortunately, I minded my own business for the most part. I knew plenty but never got involved or squeeled on anyone.

    The closest I came was when someone in the congregation was scamming people and some of us knew they were rotten. No one wanted to believe us when we tried to warn people to be careful in dealing with them.

    So when shit hit the fan and elders created JC meetings, I got invited to one as a witness to some of the things that this person did. Knowing they were a liar, thief and scam artist, I gladly told everything I knew, which helped them put two and two together on other things. They got DFd and soon everyone in the congregation believed what I and my friends (who were victims of the scam) had tried to warn people about.

    It was revenge more than godly justice that prompted me to do it, so I don't consider it finking for finking sakes...

  • VIII

    If you did, you are a POS, IMO.

    I don't care why. I recall begging my mom to not go confess her *sin* to the elders. She did and got DFd. One time she did something. Once. I was 15 YO and begged and pleaded and told her they would DF her and BAM! she was gone.

    I ended up having to be her mother for the next 6 months while she fell into a grand depression. I had to grocery shop on my bike, cook, clean, etc, all because those M-fers DFd her. She would lie in bed and sob about how they ruined her life.

    She ended up getting reinstated and is now worse than ever with "The end of the system is here...."

    Oh, and did I mention the shunning of all family members while she was DFd? Yeah, I was shunned too by extention. Nice. I had no worldly friends, nor any JW friends.

    I H-A-T-E those people.

    Can you tell?

  • minimus

    Finking on yourself is worse.

  • LostGeneration

    No I didnt, but that didnt stop me from ratting on myself at the age of 19.

    It really shows how much control this group has on its people, that they are so guilt ridden by the smallest cult offense that they feel the need to go tell on themselves. It also gave me a messed up view of ratting others out, I always felt it was OK, because its pounded into you so often.

    When you get out in the real world you find out the ratting someone out is about the worst thing you can do!

    They truly are a cult of confession


  • VIII

    Finking on yourself is worse.

    Uh, yeah. She wanted to clear her conscience. I told her since she had told me, wasn't that good enough? She said that since they were like Priests, she would feel better. And, since she had only done *it* once, she would never be DFd, she'd be privately reproved. I begged, I pleaded etc. She insisted that the Brothers would be fair.

    Well DUH!!

    She was promply DFd and this was in the days of reading it from the platform and the whole "Sister X is DFd for Conduct Unbecoming a Christian". They pretty much said she committed fornication!

    We were at the KH, everyone stopped, turned, looked stared, glared and we just sat there. It was painful. At the end of the meeting everyone ignored us. Two nights before my BFF Kathy was speaking to me, that night, nada. She looked right through me.

    None of my relatives would speak to me. Or her. Her sisters cut her off. Everyone cut us off.

    I recall people getting *Finked* on others for the most ridiculous stuff-like listed above: Brother Z was drunk!

    Who the Funk made any of you the alcohol police? Who made any of you the dancing too fast police?

    Fucking crazy mind-controlled, brain-washed idiots, that's who.

    Anyone who did is a self-righteous hypocrite. IMO.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Anyone who did is a self-righteous hypocrite. IMO.

    While that may be true and I understand your anger.......you have to remember the people that do fink on others are brainwashed that if they don't tell of others sins they will be destroyed or lose God's favor. With that type of mind control it's no wonder JW's spy on and rat out each other to the elders.

    Think About It

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    Only on elders.

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