Front Load Washers. Are they good?

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  • dreamgolfer

    Superb! Get clothes cleaner, use less water, and are quieter,

    have had one for 10 years+ will NEVER go back to Top load!


  • GrandmaJones

    I love my Bosch front loader. I have never had any bad smells, but I have a big laundry room and the washer door is always open when it isn't in use. That may be why...

  • laverite

    I have used nothing but front load washing machines for over 15 years. I have the highest end model (that was available at the time) that is now almost three years old. I have NEVER EVER EVER had any mold smells whatsoever in my front load machines. Zero. Nothing. No smell whatsoever.

    Here's the secret:

    In between washings, I always leave the door slightly open (an inch or two) to allow for full drying. I have never run a system clean ever, and have never had the slightest bit of a mold smell. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to smells, and the mold smell people are talking about is something I can't tolerate.

    Just like your towels (we don't throw our towels in a pile and let them sit for a day or two without drying them out thoroughly, right? If we did, they would smell of mold...yuck)...leave your door slightly open to air dry and you will never have a problem.

    A top quality front load washing machine is the best choice bar none.

  • tec

    My only complaint is that you NEED to use bleach in it to "clean" it out once in a while. Mine actually tells me when it is time for a system clean. I learned from experience that if you ingore the system clean your washing machine will start to smell when you run it and it will also make your clothes smell. When that happened a couple of times, I realized that it was NOT a good idea to skip it. I had to run the system clean with NO clothes in it, then run it again WITH clothes in it and add vinegar to the wash to get out the smell.

    Thank you so much!!!! Our front loader came with the house we just bought, and I had no idea about this. But once in a while I notice an odd smell on a sweater, and I have had no idea what the cause could have been.

    I also love the quiet cycle, and I find that I can wash more in a load.


  • tec
    leave your door slightly open to air dry and you will never have a problem.

    This too. Thank you.

  • laverite

    Usually, bleach doesn't do much on mold in clothing or in washers. I would suggest a special product (you can contact your manufacturer) or use the "sanitize" cycle (extremely high heat can get rid of mold...but once it sets up shop it's hard to get rid of). Bleach alone probably will not do it.

  • laverite

    Tec - You'll first have to rid of any trace of the mold otherwise even if you do this, it's a matter of time before it comes back because it's already set up shop in your machine. So find a way to rid the mold smell from your machine with an industrial product, the super high heat sanitize cycle or both.

  • tec

    I will, thank you!

  • laverite

    Witness007 -

    The combo front load washers and dryers are often great. However, you don't want to wash a full load of laundry and let it go into dry. You need to take out half of the load and do two dry cycles or wash half a load to be able to get your clothes dry (and without a ton of wrinkles).

    I think the big problem is that people who aren't used to them don't know how to use them (which is only natural).

    Obviously, I'm a huge fan. Fortunately, in America, we now have a lot of good choices for front loaders. I lived in Europe as well and loved the front loaders there (they are smaller) and have used the washer/dryer combos. Front loaders have been in Europe since the middle ages (or at least a long time anyway).

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl


    sorry- my bad, our LG distributors still have plenty of the WM2050CW's in stock- but they are being replaced by the WM2140CW (new model)

    maybe in your part of the world they are out- try the new model (same price and size but have a LED display)

    (no commission for me, bad appliance girl )


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