Greetings to All, No Longer Lurking

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Briefly, on the topic of reform, I see no reform coming. I have no plans of leading the charge. I am growing more and more comfortable with the idea of not having the Society and many of its teachings in my life. Unfortunately, many lovely people have become so dependant on this religion that I fear what their lives would be like if it all came crashing down on them. Some may be too weak to handle the total disintegration of the Org. These are the "Where else would I go?" types who may not have the inner strength to find themselves again.

    I agree that no reform is coming. But you would be surprised at how strong people can be when they have to be. There are many here on this board who were scared to death of leaving the religion. Some came near to having breakdowns, some actually DID have breakdowns. But they survived for one reason:


    Freedom is a basic need that the Watchtower and other oppressive mind control cults deprive their members. When tasted for the first time it is extremely frightening, but given time and nourishment it can and usually does bloom into something one embraces and cherishes. Once your mind is freed and you've fought through the trauma of breaking away life can be REALLY lived.

    Enjoying the REAL LIFE NOW,

    ~Mad Sweeney

  • yesidid

    Welcome Franklin,

    I have very much enjoyed reading your perspective on the WT.

    You said in a couple of your posts it was the last school that galvanised you into action on the board.

    Would you mind telling us exactly what was said that so moved you?



  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    @yesidid: miseryloveselders has started a compelling and very accurate discussion on the KM school here:

    His notes and observations are strikingly similar to mine. These schools are conducted from outlines with very little room for ad-libbing.

  • laverite


    Wow what a beautiful intro post! Your nurturing side overwhelms the survival of the fittest part. Nurturing is better, IMHO. You are needed here. Welcome!


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Welcome Franklin!


    Welcome HayDay!

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream


    If you could only ask one question to an active JW to get them to open their mind about their beliefs, what would it be?


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