Greetings to All, No Longer Lurking

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  • undercover


    I would love to see reform within the org
    Reform would be a wonderful thing for current JW's.

    I have mixed feelings about reform in the bOrg. If there were reform, it would have to come about to the point that the JWs become just another off-shoot sect of mainstream Christianity. In other words, just another church.

    The upside of that is that if it were just another church, then maybe DFing/shunning would be out.... blood transfusions a conscience matter... no ostracism for personal choices that are currently "counseled" against. Those would be great steps in eliminating all the angst and frustration regarding this religion.

    Yet what are you reforming? ... you're reforming a crooked organization that uses free labor and monies of its followers to continue to run. Who does it benefit? Jehovah? Hardly... It benefits the GB and their lackeys (and the Legal Dept). It's kinda like saying let's reform the Mafia. If they'd drop their more controversial practices (murder for one) then it wouldn't be so bad. People wouldn't have to fear them. Even though they're still crooks, liars, thieves... as long as they don't kill and enslave people then we could look the other way.

    Instead, let's see the WTS become more authoritarian. Let's see them clamp down on things that most people take for granted. Let's demote that elder because his son went to college...or his wife took classes to get a degree so she can get promoted. Let's see them create rules and regulations with absolutely no biblical basis. Let's see them amp up the "end of the system" talk.

    The more they put the squeeze on, the more people will react just like our new friend Franklin Massey.... they'll feel claustrophobic... they'll feel over burdened... they'll feel guilty and not good enough. And then they'll do the unspeakable...they'll Google "Jehovah's Witnesses" and the veil will be removed...they'll see the man behind the curtain...they'll become Neo escaping the Matrix.

    But I digress... I was just gonna say "Welcome..."

  • thenoblelodge

    I agree with undercover, what is there to reform?

    It's so easy for people to research the bOrg now and so much kinder for them to find out and come to their own conclusions about this vile organisation.

    Edit to add.....sorry I got so caught up un undercovers post I forgot my manners.

    Welcome I hope and pray your journey out is as painless as possible.

  • mamalove

    Welcome Franklin! I like your writing style. You will enjoy it here I hope and learn a great deal as I have. Sometimes people get kind of passionate, but take it all in stride. Take care!

  • Quirky1
    Teachers of "truth" should be refreshing, uplifting, and invaluable; not dogmatic, oppressive, and unflinching.

    Welcome Franklin Massey

  • Hairyhegoat

    Great to have you on here!! Thanks for the post and well done! You are on the way out just like I was 12 months ago. We have just faded and nobody from the hall gives a dam that we don't go anymore..


  • leavingwt


    In time, you'll begin to see that WT is much like many other high-control groups. Were it to reform, it would cease to exist. The primary motivations within the organization are fear and guilt, to a degree not present in MOST churches.

  • snowbird


    The floodgates are opening wider and wider.


  • Cadellin

    There is hope gained from hearing that you are not alone in your struggle. Many of the brothers and sisters have cautiously shared with me the same concerns that a lot of you voice on this forum every day. As you post, please remember that there are possibly thousands of curious, doubting, concerned friends who sneak onto to this website in search of something. Show them they are not alone. Show them they are not dependent on any man-made religious entity. Show them that love, goodness, and compassion exist an more places that they may have ever known.

    Beautifully put. You are an eloquent writer, and I agree wholeheartedly with your words. That said, I wish you strength in remaining undercover. I tried to do that as well, out of respect for a large extended family of uber-strong Witnesses whom I love dearly, including my elder husband. I've been partially successful, but found I cannot participate in field service with a clear conscience. I did the driving around visiting the elderly and ill for a long time (which, btw, I enjoyed and found genuinely useful) but inevitably it would entail at some point being forced to do a few not-homes or RVs. How are you planning on navigating the field service requirement?

    My husband just returned from the KM school, where he gave one of the talks w/demo, and I'm aware that he's experiencing a measure of cognitive dissonance. His response is to batten down the hatches and revert to more deeply entrenched non-thinking modes (for lack of a better phrase). I, on the other hand, have become more and more aware of the severe gaps in evidence and logic immanent in so much of what the Society prints. This has caused not a small amount of stress in our marriage.

    The harsh and un-Scriptural rhetoric on higher ed is, to me, one of the clearest signs that this organization is embracing a heightened seige mentality that can only result in further fragmentation from within.

    Nice to have you here!

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    I agree with undercover, what is there to reform?

    What is there to reform? First off, the JW religion is not going to completely disappear and cease to exist as a religion. Many people are dying and being treated like shit right now. Despite what you think of the religion......yes, reform would be good right now for many people.

    Think About It

  • ProdigalSon

    Greetings Franklin Massey.

    Reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Gerald Massey.

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