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  • sabastious

    One thing I wanted to say.

    I could feel attacked on this site by believers just as you perport you are being attacked by non-believers. I have been told I am going to be judged (and whatever goes along with being on the short side of the judgement) by God by you and others on this site. How do you think that makes me feel?

    I am an emotional guy and I really think about things, sometimes too much. I think about people's view of me, and it tears me up sometimes to know that some people on this planet feel I deserve death. Sure, maybe they wont outright say it, but I know based on how they talk that behind closed doors that's what they believe is going to happen to me.

    I also think about people's opinion on me that don't even know me. I think about extreme Muslims sometimes and how some would kill me at the drop of a hat with no regard to the life I think is so sacred. They would kill my son, they would kill my wife and that can sometimes get me worked up.

    But do I retaliate? Sometimes I do, but everytime I do I take a good look in the mirror and I ask myself what kind of control I have on this planet. I can't control how people think of me, so why let it get to me to the point of altering things in my life so that I don't end up face to face with the negativity of it all.

    I think you made a mistake leaving in the first place, and your making another one right now.

    You are trying to run from yourself. This forum is not the entity that has made you feel so shitty, it's not the people it is you. Whenever I feel down I want to point at other things around me, when 100% of the time I am feeling down because I chose to feel down for whatever reason. And I can choose to not feel down, but it takes work and enlightenment to really understand our part in this world.



  • Chalam

    mouthy My suggestion as granny on board is try to go to a Church that has "groups" to make friends,or even in the WT,there are good people in there,you could be friendly to


    Blessings in Christ Dan :)


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I'm following Scully around and saying "What Scully said"

    Just stop posting

    As for the rest of you-- There used to be a saying:

    If you haven't got anything nice to say then don't say anything

  • james_woods
    As for the rest of you-- There used to be a saying:

    If you haven't got anything nice to say then don't say anything

    But - wouldn't that mark the end of conversation here on JWN?

  • Joliette

    BrotherDan...I love you.

    I wish you well on your endevors but please keep in contact.

    I have your e-mail address. Please Keep in contact with me.

    Christian Love as always

    Prella aka Joliette.

  • undercover

    Dear Nice BrotherDan...

    Here at the super-duper nice JWN, we don't delete profiles. We're sorry that we can't fulfill that request. On the surface it may not seem like a nice policy, but it is a fair policy so in the end, it's the nicest thing we can do for everyone.

    However, in this high speed world we live in, as nice as it is, it doesn't take long for one's posts to disappear in a deluge of new posts and threads. Before long, any posts and threads made will be forgotten as newer (and nicer) subjects appear.

    So if you'll be so nice as to not post anymore, it can seem as if your profile was deleted.

    Nicely yours,

    undercover - of the nice class

  • Finally-Free

    UC, please stop making me puke.


  • undercover
    please stop making me puke.

    Now FF... was that nice?

  • Finally-Free

    Ok, ok.

    Nicefully Yours,


  • undercover

    LOL, perfect...

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