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  • brotherdan

    I have offically asked Lady Lee to delete my profile on this site.

    That being said, I want to thank everyone that was there for me through my hard times coming out of this cult and dealing with my wife who is still in it. I know that it seemed like I didn't care and was not gratefull for all the support that I received on the site. That's just not true. I made some really good friends here and got some really great advice. But it became a negative place for me. That is not to say anything about anyone personally. All of you have added to my understanding and convictions, and I thank you for that (even those that I strongly disagree with).

    I know that I said some things that were judgemental towards others. For that I am sorry. I never wanted to say anything about people SPECIFICALLY. I only wanted to repeat what the Bible said about those that chose not to believe in God. I can understand how that would be offensive to some. But since I hold to what the Bible says, I can only repeat it. I know that many of you condem that, and I understand why you do.

    I have so many flaws in my own personality, I have no business judging other people personally. And to those that I did...I am sorry. There was no call and no excuse for that.

    I love you guys for the support that you have shown. I have recently found that I have been self destructive for my entire life. When people get too close, I push them away. That is why I do not have 1 single friend. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just stating a fact. But you guys have been amazing. I hope that you can take what I have said to you personally and realize that it was coming from a screwed up person that does not know anything about themselves.

    Thank you all. Keep you heads up. Live your life with laughter and love.

    - Dan

  • journey-on

    I don't think you should be deleted. You have almost 3,000 posts!!! If they delete you, then they should delete anyone that asks to be deleted.

  • whereami

    Take care of yourself.

  • yknot

    please don't go......

    You are in a 'growing' phase....

    We all experience this differently....

    You are an amazing and talented person....

    I would love to read about your next phase of self discovery and adventures in creative FWN!

    Purdy Please

    If not.... I understand and my love and prayers go with you.......probably ring you up when my life is a little less chaotic (as January is always chaotic!)


  • brotherdan

    I just don't want to be here anymore. At least they can just lock me from posting anything anymore.

  • yknot

    So take a vacation from the exercise in self-control and determination!

    Then in say 6-9 months pop in for an update!

  • aquagirl

    Take Care of yourself Dan.I hoep you find some peace and happiness.I enjoyed some of your comments.Dont grab any bees ok?TTFN

  • Snoozy

    brotherdan, I think you are the one that has an apology are only doing what you feel you have to. I hope you and your wife can work out a life that is right for you!

    I too realize that this board can become toxic at times..if you can't leave that part and accept the good then I agree it is better not to come here...

    Big hug to you and your family


  • tec

    Love from me to you and your family, Dan. Please take your own advice too:

    Thank you all. Keep you heads up. Live your life with laughter and love.

    We're all screwed up people, Dan, and I am no different... which is one of the reasons why I believe we should be quick to forgive and just as quick to accept and show understanding to one another... flaws and all. I am glad to know you, and I intend to keep in touch.

    Peace and love in Christ,


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I hope your posts remain, for the good of those yet to come, some of who may well benefit from you relating your journey.

    If you dont post again, thats up to you... but why not keep the account and just say hi from time to time? stay away from debate!

    i wish you well on your journey of self discovery, i have seen you go thru some pretty bad shit, glad to see you being a surivor.

    all the best Brother dan


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