BOE LTR Dec 9, 2010 (copy/paste) DC listings removed from March 1st WT!!!

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  • clearpoison

    I Never ever used the prices in lodging list, and very seldom even the hotels. I always found better deal than convention price if hotel had availibility (In general group pricing is higher in travel industry than individual pricing), and many times there were much nicer hotels better located available in the area, for even lower rate. The latter with one additional bonus, less people looking how you would behave after convention day without your badge on. You really must seek your own personal benefit first.

    Yes, organisation will receive some benefit from using the designated hotels for designated prices. It could be in form of monetary incentive, or amount of free rooms and free meal arrangements to organiser body can be related to room nights booked. In general the hotel industry have a problem when calculating reports for nights used, if you do not use the organisation dedicated fare, they are not able to relate your booking to this organisation. This applies even for corporate fares, there is always discrepancy in figures comparing hotel's and ie. TMC's reports as hotel sees only corporate rate bookings belonging to corporation, not if they use another rate. The reporting is basically based on usage of specific rate in hotels, not like in airline industry where code attached to booking relates it to corporation, not the rate used. If organisation is using third party organiser, like Travel Management Company to arrange these, these sales may add up in their yearly volume, enabling in overall lower transactional fees for their other travel arrangements. It's really not about "we wan't to stay loyal to our business partners" kind of thing, there are also other strings attached.


  • RubaDub

    Crap ............

    The annual District Assembly part in the Service Meeting was always one of my favorites.

    It was always fun to read about how we should behave, especially at the hotels: No running in the hallways, no unsupervised kids in the pool, no cooking in the rooms, to pooping in the sinks, etc. etc. etc.

    A fixture in JW land has come to an end.

    Rub a Dub

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Forms -> Documents must be for login privileged only.

    Meaning there is NO WAY for the public (us) in the USA and Canada to find out about the Conventions except through our local JDubs (or this site, when a link to the list is posted).

    Why are they hiding? And why just in the USA and Canada?

    This is VERY STRANGE.

  • minimus

    As environmentalists, they're just trying to save a tree.

  • blondie
  • Ultimate Reality
    Ultimate Reality

    They are tightening control -- only elders can now access the location of the conventions. Any elders on here that can access the password-protected area of and post the list?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    It's a little weird but I think its a trial ballon for having the local BOE print out the KMs from as opposed to printing and mailing them. They want to see if there are any problems and if the problems are minor (ask the COs to poll the local BOEs and report back) then they'll proceed with moving more things to this format.

    Pure speculation because it's not as if 1) people don't know when a convention takes place and 2) those sessions are open to the public.

    Also, it's not like they have so much stuff they want to put in that they don't have room!!

  • james_woods

    Jeez - these people have created a religion with more beaurocracy than the Federal Government.

  • wasblind


    you truly keep me laughing

  • Finally-Free
    They are tightening control -- only elders can now access the location of the conventions.

    The last thing they want is to be overwhelmed by "interested ones" who are thirsting for righteousness.


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