BOE LTR Dec 9, 2010 (copy/paste) DC listings removed from March 1st WT!!!

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  • Listener

    Sinis I am thinking along the same lines as you. Also there are many on here who have the ethic of being able to prove their claims and do it by scanning source documents. By restricting access to source documents (e.g. original letters) this makes it harder to prove they are from the org.

    What I find amusing is the fact that the org are relying more and more on the hated internet. There is the belief that Governments are trying to gain more control and this control will be more centralized - such as the idea of the New World Order. It appears to be real and a threat to our society. In any future 'warfare' it is likely the internet would be shut down or manipulated.

  • ThomasCovenant

    Not sure if any one has already mentioned it but the DC's for USA and Canada now back on the jw. org site.

  • yknot

    Some things I notice about the listing....

    I see they are still kissing Oklahoma's behind......choice date for OKC in addition to the July Tulsa (lol Okies don't mind driving to Texas but the WTS be damned if they think them dubbies are driving to Arkansas, Missouri or Kansas as they did 2 years ago)

    So I see the Berry Center on Barker down in Houston has been traded in for the Rosenberg Assembly Hall.....Make sense to me seeing how they haven't really needed the space in the last few years I visited.....loads of empty seats!

    OUCH it appears they are going to make those who went to Lubbock (formally San Angelo) now drive to Amarillo (or maybe Ft Worth but probably Amarillo).... but oddly enough the Spanish DC does get Lubbock ( Heck Texas got a bunch of new Spanish dates compared to years past!)

    The WTS really needs to put district numbers next to the events .....

    Anybody who is going on 5/20 wanna volunteer to scan in DC goodies and maybe MP3 the event .......(heck anybody whose is giving a talk/performance at the DC wanna go ahead and pony up the outline/script?)

  • happyexjw

    Factfinder - I read from a JW poster on Jehovahs Witnesses, News, Library, History,Videos and Talks that the theme is "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight" not sure if its true, but if that is the theme im looking forward to hearing the current BS from the FDS if last years BS is anything to go by, it make me truly happy that I am no longer associated with borg , im so glad that im no longer under their emotional abuse.


  • Mrs. Peck
    Mrs. Peck

    So, why are they doing this?? Seems kinda odd....why would they not want people to know when the DCs are??

  • factfinder

    thank you happyxjw! I still look forward to seeing what the new releases will be! I always wanted a revised and updated edition of " Is This Life All There Is?" That book was one of my favorites and gave me comfort when my beloved Mom died. So each year I wonder if they will finally release a new edition of that book.

    Wonder if they will make any changes to the generation teaching again? I hope if anyone goes in May they will be able to fill us in!

    @Mrs.Peck- they just keep getting more secretive each year.

  • truthlover

    At our hall, they mentioned do not call other hotels -- because the hotel would not give the same rate for the DC hence , have to pay full room charge if not on the list..... we always stayed at any place we wanted, no matter what - most hotels/motels were so noisy with all the kids... we just travel home to the dc now and back .only 1 hour away, they never change the location and with all the bedbug reports - its a good thing to do

  • steve2

    Having read the letter myself, I think you're making way too much out of the changes. I agree totally with OnThe WayOut. Looks like they're just stream-lining the announcement of DCs and 'freeing" up the Watchtower to report more "generic" stuff.

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