Be honest...What movie star do you look like?

by Botzwana 65 Replies latest jw friends

  • confuzzled777

    I have been told that I look like Jennifer Garner...... I don't have the big dimples though......dark hair and eyes are the similar.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I've been told Art Garfunkel and Van Morrison. Neither are movie stars, though.

    Also, I look nothing like the real Mad Sweeney, nor can I pull gold coins from the air.

  • Giordano

    I look like the guy who's making the hoagies at Subways 12 to 1.

  • miseryloveselders

    When I was younger, people told me I looked like Will Smith. I guess because I was underweight and hadn't come into my own as a man. Nowadays since becoming older and a little rounder, people tell me I look like a younger Branford Marsalis. I don't know if thats a good or a bad thing.

  • undercover

    Well, I'd like to think I looked like this:

    But I probably look more like this...with a beard off and on ( but not even half as cool though) :

  • aquagirl
  • aquagirl

    Didnt work..No right click on my mac..Ill figure it out.

  • sherah

    I get told I that either look like Nona Gaye or Nia Long. Methinks it's my eyes.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Bill Murray when I was in my 30s - but now more like Brian Doyle Murray (his brother). Oh, well....

  • FlyingHighNow

    Not too shabby.

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