Be honest...What movie star do you look like?

by Botzwana 65 Replies latest jw friends

  • Botzwana

    I am curious as to what the members here look like. Be totally honest now. Not everyone looks like a knockout or Mr. Buff...

    Myself? With hair I look like Chris ODonell the actor from the Batman movies. But since I shave it I have had several people I now look like Kane from the WWE wrestling. I have the muscles and am about six foot 3.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    My look 30-some years ago. I actually do have the same tie ... chin, ears, hair....

  • Finally-Free

    I look like Luca Brasi on a bad day.

  • Mythbuster
  • Iamallcool

    Josh Hartnett, that would blow my cover!

  • Outaservice



  • Iamallcool

    Botzwana, I also shave my head off monthly.

  • mamalove

    Botz, if you do a search, there are some threads with pics. Chris O'Donnell is one of my favorite actors. Coco, is that you? Or is that an actor from another "generation?" Sorry could not resist. Coco, you must be a real looker!

    I do not know who some of the other actors are that people are referencing, I will have to google.

    Once in a while someone will tell me I look like Kristen Bell. I had to google who she was too.

  • mamalove

    Coco, I right clicked on your pic to see the properties, and saw it was Erol Flynn? Honestly I would not know what he looked like. You learn more here on JWN than ya bargain for!

  • aquagirl

    Susan Sarandon,Rocky Horror days...

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