New resolution passed at last service meeting? crazy!!

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  • finallyfree!

    poppers: in my whole lifetime of being a witness i never once saw a resolution that was not voted in favor. like it was mentioned before, its a whole "go along with the flock" mentality. ya dont wanna be dubbed as that presumptuous brother or sister.

  • drewcoul

    When we had a resolution for a new KH, there were a few that voted against it. One was an elder and his wife who were counseled to not try to voice their displeasure since it could create division within the congregation. We had 3 congregations in one hall at the time, and we were going to build a new KH for two of the congregations and the other one would keep the old hall. We built it NEXT DOOR!!! Literally. It was in 1990 in Lafayette, IN. I thought it was unnecessary especially since we always hear about how much trouble people in other countries have in getting a KH, or how crowded they are. It seemed to me that the poorer brothers in other parts of the world could have used it more than us.........Our old KH was eventually sold to a Greek Orthodox Church......Even though it was dedicated to Jehovah at one time.......

  • DaCheech

    If the society was really interested in the financial well being of the publishers, then they would allow up to 200 people to a congo.

    they are instead worried about control and force congo's to stay small, so everyone is monitored.

    bigger congo's would have a bigger pool to collect contributions from........... my hall can seat 250 or so(not counting the 100 seats in the #2 school), but the seats taken are 35-65.

  • Gayle

    drewcoul, thx for your comment,,obviously the WTS never meant to keep two Halls next door to each other like that. But they got to sell and make a chunk of money, while for the 'new' Hall, they have the JWs none the less make their payments to Headquarters with interest.

    DaCheech,,thanx for your comment. Some day the WTS will suggest they sell the huge Hall as it isn't being utilized fully, inform to have local congregation build a smaller Hall to keep heating/airconditioning and maintainence costs down. Again, the Headquarters will get the money from the sell of larger Hall and the locals will get loan for payments with interest.

  • mimimimi

    Hey, Snakes - I think A..... has looked at this site, or something like it, from something one of my sisters said. And the reason she writes it down is because she noticed in an accounts report that less was sent to the World Wide Work than she had contributed to it the month before, so she knew someone dipped their hands into the till. Of course, she believes Jehovah will take care of all in his own time - delusional.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    It's a wonderful financial move so that the money is used where needed. And note that, if the giving congregation needs the funds, they're returned.

    I think it's an awesome, money-smart arrangement!


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