New resolution passed at last service meeting? crazy!!

by finallyfree! 45 Replies latest watchtower scandals

    So what if say a furnace is getting old and they are trying to save for a new furnace in the next few years,
    what then? How is something like that handled?.....Carla

    The Watchtower Money Pig..

    Will lend Your Donated Money back to you,at 3% Interest..


    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    If my memory serves me right every month the account servant would state the congregation's finances in a talk

    and he would ask if the surplus should be sent to HQ. Everyone applauded and it was done.

    So now its been arranged that it is done automatically without the congregation's prior consent......interesting

    Is the WTS getting set to take the money and run ?

    This is the way other Churches operate they do not release the amount of money that is being sent to their organization's HQ.

    If that is the case why make notice to the congregation of its financial standing at all ?

    In reality the BOE control the congregation's finances to how and what is being spent, the rest of the congregation has no particular say in the matter.

  • Terry

    The "voluntary" aspect is quite telling when it comes to a public resolution (which the Society has always loved!)

    The collective peer pressure to "go along" with the power of the group eliminates a one on one "individual" opinion, skepticism, alternative course.

    This makes the resolution more of a Mob mentality than a vote by a thinking individual.

    The Society gets what it wants without appearing to be engineering the result!

    CONTROL is an issue.

    Money is the power to DO things.

    He who controls the money owns the power.

  • Soldier77

    Is the WTS getting set to take the money and run ?

    Oh man, I sure hope they do! That would be a scandal to blow up in their face. If there was one thing that could destroy this cult is this, I mean they would have to know that something like this would destroy them, but it would be a quick death, something we could all hope for.

  • Gayle

    @ St. Goerge, our BOE rejected the idea

    I think your BOE are in a whoooooole lot of trouble and just don't know it yet.

    @ St George, our BOE rejected the idea


    Is the WTS getting set to take the money and run ?.....TheTrueOne

    The WBT$ has Walked Away with Designated Money before..

    We all Know what happens to JW`s..

    Who make a fuss about WBT$ Decisions..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    Funny stuff Outlaw, but pertinently truthful

    Where do you get all those pictures, you must have a stack of them for sure

  • yknot

    umm isnt this stemming from the KH bulding fund thing from 2 years back.....

    I know of brothers who were deeply stumbed (right onto this site no less) by this development.

    I don't have the LTR (June 4, 2008) but if anyone has access to it--please post or PM/email me a copy to post (thank you)



    There have been really bad WBT$ Rip-Off`s..

    One woman donated her land for a Kingdom Hall so she could live by it..

    She was Promised a Kingdom Hall would be Built on that land..

    The WBT$ eventually sold the land and kept the money from the sale..

    No Kingdom Hall was ever built on the Donated Land..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • yknot

    Outlaw that is awful! Gosh that makes me mad! ........

    Can anyone tell me why the WTS rejected the eScrip program back in 2003 (see sendspace link below)....... does anyone think they will eventually go down that route?

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